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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hey everyone! Yay, I was able to visit everyone yesterday. Well I think I visited everyone... -_- so sorry if I didn't! >.<
Ah so today's plans... nothing really. Most likely I'm gonna try finishing up my homework because I have to go to this Chili Supper Night for band class tonight. Crudd... don't wanna do it. But its for a grade, so I have to go... phooey. They're always trying to make us go to places when we don't wanna go. And you have to make a REALLY good excuse to not go. Life sucks sometimes neh? xD

School... bleh

Ah man, school is such a pain. xD
A Tale of Two Cities really kicks you in the arse. I really dislike that book right now... I might kinda like Great Expectations more than this book. Heh. ^^''
Geometry is getting so cruddy also. They're assigning us with like 30 problems of math stuff to do the weekend! I'm serious, I think these teachers think we only have one subject of school... which is the subjects whichever that teacher teaches. =|


Well I forgot to tell you guys... but I finally rebooted my laptop. Its over now. Haha. No more pop ups... no more slow crap... its all free! LOL. Yeah, I was so relieved when I did. ANd I backed up all my data... well most of it, but yeah its all good. ^_^

Well I'll be changing my layout tonight of somewhat. It'll be in a different style once again. This is my birthday's month and also Tracy's! And also my two awesome friends that I know outside of the MyO. ^^ And there'll be some "special" features in it too... some stuff I've never done before. Haha.

Ah I hope this post isn't too long. >.< Well take care everyone. And I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Later :D

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