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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ah I haven't been happy for the past couple of days... even though I seem like I was happy, there was always this feeling in me that felt... so sad. I don't get why. And yesterday, something triggered this sadness I held inside me and I just cried. Kept on crying. Don't know why. Well, there are some reasons... but it's not that bad to make me cry like that. Yeah I sound like some emo moron, but it's just so... unlike me. I'm feeling very emotional and sad at this moment too. I've been crying. Keesh, it's really bothering me. >.<
Yeah just came to inform you guys that I might not be back for awhile until I'm my own self again. No one wants to read about this girl being depressed, now do we? Heh, yeah I didn't think so. Well you guys take care of yourselves now. ^^

P.S. Oh and I think MyOtaku is traveling back in time... really weird.

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