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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yesterday was suppose to be the day when I was supposed to get a day off... but nooo, my school is being ghetto, and so we don't get a day off for President's Day. xP

Not much happened Sunday. We had visitors come over so I ended up going everywhere, which I didn't want to. I had some more homework I needed to work on, and also I needed to get reading on A Tales of Two Cities... but luckily I finished on time.Good thing too, because we had a quiz today on the chapters we read over. Haha. xP

Oh yeah, Saturday I watched Kingdom of Heaven. I have got to say, that, that movie was not too good. Even though there was a lot action and battles in the movie, it wasn't good enough. Don't know why... but only the ending was interesting. Heh, yep. I was hoping it would be good too.

School Stuff

Ah remember that stupid Biology test I was totally stressed on? I originally got an 87 on the test. And since we do standardization(curves) on these bio tests, I ended being the highest one in my period and ended getting a 100! xD Yay me happy. haha, yeah whatever. xP

Report cards are coming home soon, wishing I would get all A's... I need to. xD Yup. And I'm hoping this week won't be too stressful.
Wait... I have TAKS tomorrow(Tuesday)! CRUD. But its reading TAKS so theres nothing I can study for.... ah but its gonna be a boring day.
But wish me luck on it... I'm hoping for a good score on that test.
Take care. Later =]

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