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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hiya everyone!
Crud. The two tests I took Friday was a killer. Aaahhh, I'll be happy if I make an 80. Hahaa. I could even make a 60 in the biology test and still have an A in that class. xP

Ah something was wrong with MyO Friday, so I barely got to anyone's sites!! And I was so busy yesterday... I feel so bad. =|
Well went to the movie theatre Friday... and went to see When a Stranger Calls. It wasn't the best movie to go and see, but it was pretty freaky at the second half of the movie.

Laptop Issues

Wow, my laptop is getting really crappy all of a sudden. I think I'll have to reboot it. Aaggh. Not good. I'm copying most of my important data onto CDs so I don't lose it. =| I'm so pissed with these issues. x[
Most of my "better" graphics are on the laptop too...
Aah everything is so messed up! Well, I'm using my computer right now, but yeah, still pissed.

Well I'll try to visit you guys as much as I can... and it sucks that I have no holiday tomorrow, because of the "hurricane" we had last time. Phooey. Well take care, later =]

[Edit: 8|38 AM Central]Happy Birthday Vanessa! Sorry for such a late bday wish, Nessa![/Edit]

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