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Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday, February 17, 2006

Hiya friends!
Happy Belated Valentine's Day everyone! Haha, yeah I'm quite late on that. xD Sorry I could't make a card for everyone. But I did get some cards. I hope you had a great day on the 14th! And thank you so much for the cards! =D

Thanks Ryiosay!

Thanks Devil Inside!

Thanks RenotheTurk!

Hah, I used both.... but Thanks Blazied!

Last, but not least... Thanks frogger91!


Ah study, study, study! I've been having so many tests lately, and now I will be have Biology and Spanish III test today. Darn. Don't wanna take it... scared that I will fail them. Keesh. Oh well, I'm trying my best. Haha, I am such a neeerd.
In English, we're starting to read A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Its okay so far... well not sure. xD But I heard it was better than another Dicken's book, Great Expectations. But we'll see about that.
Well last Sunday, didn't get to go to the mall like I planned to, but we decided to go bowling. Went with all my cousins, my aunt and Tracy. Pretty fun, but I suck. Buuut who cares. It was still awesome.

Glad you guys like the new layout. ^^ It looks kinda plain and simple, but plain and simple once in awhile is good for me! lol.

Well after school today, I'm planning to go to the movie theatre with my friends... going to watch either When a Stranger Calls or Date Movie. Not sure. Yup now I have to continue studying... sweet dreams everyone... haha. Or not. xD

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