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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hey everyone!
Heh, yesterday was pretty awesome. =D Well last night... around 1 in the morning, me, Tracy, and my cousins had some ramen. xD Like what I said, I was hungry. Haha. Well anyways, I just stayed on the internet almost all day long. Had some really funny chats with my cousin online. Even though I was sitting right next to him. xD

New Layout

As you can see, I changed my layout. Its gonna be up till the end of February. "WTF Its not anime!" Yeah I know. It's Jin and Mei from House of Flying Daggers. Heh, I loved this couple back then, so I decided to make a layout on them. I had this all ready up for like a month already. But it didn't take forever to set it up. This is actually an easy coding to do. xD But I hope you guys still like it. Next month will be another new style too because its my birthday month. ^^ And the April month will be back to what I had earlier. =D Yup I have it all planned out... till June. Haha.
Well today I think I will be going to the mall. Yay! Well take care everyone. Later =D

P.S. Yesterday was dear Shadowlight's two year anniversary on the MyO! She is such a special and kinda person. She's awesome. :)

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