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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday, February 11,2006

Hey everyone!
Ah it's been a pretty fast week this week! Well better than last week. Last week was a killer. Not joyful haha. Yup... I'm hungry. Even thou I just ate an hour or so. I need more food... yeah too lazy right now. Haha, and besides I'm staying over my cousins, so I don't really want to bother them. Haha. Well.. nothing special to talk about over my week... I think. This week was pretty easy. Yess... haha.
Well Valentine's Day is coming up. Yup. Hah... you have a someone special? Hope so =D Well I don't so I don't really care for this day but who cares. xP

I haven't been too good on visiting my dear friends... and like I always say... I will try my best to visit all of you who has updated.

Oh yeah, I joined up with a club recently. Its RFP... standing for Rabid Fan Posse. Its a club for all fans of bishies. =D hehe. Yay. If you want to join, contact Shanny. You could get a banner from her, or make one yourself, like me. =D
Its not only about Haku... its about all guys. Hehe.

Oh yeah watch out for a new layout change around this week. Its gonna be a new style. xD I had it ready for quite awhile now.
Take care, and have a wonderful weekend. Later =]

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