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Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm Back!

Heylo everybody! I am back! Haha. Yep. It feels like forever since I've been on MyO, since I haven't been on the internet in like forever. But hey, I live. *shrugs*

Still busy and all. Can't be on too much still. Two more weeks to go till I am free from worries... somewhat. xD Yipee.
Ah well, lots happen here and there... school, tests, quizzes, and more school crap going on.

New Years!

Yah, most of you are like, WTF...? New Years? Haha, well its Chinese New Year coming up! This Sunday... well I'm not chinese, but vietnamese but whatever. So lots of fun! And money too. xP

New Theme

Well, I don't think I will be here when the first of February strikes, so I will be most likely going to change my theme tomorrow.

OKie dokie, that will be all for today I suppose... Well take care everyone, and I hope I can make it to everyone! Later =D

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