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Saturday, January 21, 2006

SLOW... very slow.

Hey everyone! Is it just me, or is MyOtaku getting REALLY slow?? Ah, I hope this problem gets over with. It was even a miracle to even post this up. =|
I am so sorry that I was not able to visit you all! I had such a hard time going through the sites... that I just gave up! >.< It was pissing me off. Agh. So all I did was go on forums and check out some other things on the internet that I usually do besides MyO.


Hah, had lots of fun yesterday. Right after school, me and Tracy met up with Yen so her mother could pick us up to go to the movies... but then we noticed that there was no Oanh! 0_0 So when Yen's mother picked us up, we had to go to her house and pick her up. Haha. Weirdo. xD
We went to watch Hoodwinked. To us, the movie was funny but it was an all right movie. Not a "must-see" sort of movie. But me and Tracy thought it was better off to go see Glory Road. Hah, or Narnia or even King Kong. I need to go watch all that. xD But yeah you can go to watch Hoodwinked but it's not a totally awesome movie. *shrugs*

After that, I came over to Yen's and Oanh's house. Ate dinner over there and hung out until 7:30. Went home... yada yada and so on. xD Tried to visit, but it was so slow, I gave up.


Well today, I'll be going to my cousin's family birthday party. But he has wireless over there... so depending on how fast the MyO is working, hopefully I will be able to visit you guys. Yay!

Well I am off now. Gah. Take care everyone and have a great weekend! Later =D

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