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Friday, January 20, 2006

Study, study, study

Hey everyone. Today is finally Friday! But today will still suck. I have quizzes and tests. GAH! I hate today. First a test in World Geography, then a quiz in Biology, then another quiz in Spanish, and possibly an English quiz over Romeo and Juliet Act II. AAH. I'm gonna be so stressed out. I'm studying at this moment. Typing a little and the studying. Haha. xD Great plan right? Hah, yeah in my dreams. xP

Well after all this stressful junk, me, Tracy, Yen, and Oanh are going to the movie theatre and go watch Hoodwinked! Yay! Haha, hope its good. Heard from LS that the animations aren't too good. =| But I hope it will still be entertaining. I might be able to invite my other friends... but I don't think they want to go so early. We're going right after school ends. xP

I might be busy and might not be able to visit sites. And I'll be also pretty busy on the weekends. >.<
Take care everyone. Have a wonderful weekend. Later =]

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