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Sunday, November 14, 2010

   Wow first post since the Ice Age
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Time started: 10:48PM
Wow, I seriously havent been on here in like a year...since I got this job at cookout I have had no life!! Im glad to see some people are still alive on here, one in particular Alphonse13! So dedicated! You need to rub off on me! ^o^ lol But seriously if anyone else is alive on here comment me! Just so I can get up with you! I have missed this place! I wish it was back to how it used to be >0< It was so much more fun and more people were here and GAH! Oh well. Try to make do huh? Hope to catch up with a few people! :D

Things I take requests for:
Fan Art
Story ideas

If you have a request just let me know via PM or a comment thank you.


1)How you guys been?

2)Anything important happen lately?

Have a great day to all!

~::.You heal my wounds:.:~


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