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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Too long
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Time started: 1:30AM
Okay wow, now I can say I havent been on here in FOREVER. My last post was February of last year...o.0 I am so sad! D: Work and school are going to take up all my life! I miss how it used to be on here =[..oh well. HEY I finally became an Otaku Legend!! :D I am sooo happeh!! Well hope some of you guys are still around, if so how have you all been??

Things I take requests for:
Fan Art
Story ideas

If you have a request just let me know via PM or a comment thank you.


1)How you guys been?

2)Anything important happen lately?

3)You have a Gaia account? =D

Have a great day to all!

~::.You heal my wounds:.:~


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