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Thursday, June 2, 2005

Just for...!
I wasn't originally gonna post here because I already have an LJ where I blog and all, but since Blackened Rose (yes, you!) asked me how I coloured my lastest picture, I... am posting... xD

Anyways, I used Photoshop. I inked it by hand and scanned it into PS. I'm guessing you're wondering how I coloured the pants and not the overall picture... What I did was just choose some greens and coloured it. But then decided to use a more yellow-ish tone instead of a lighter green so it turned out that way. Then I just blotched the second darkest green around to make it more varied... :P The pattern on it was... well I cheated. xD I used a screentone for it and lightened it a lot.

So there you go! An explanation. Albeit not a very good one. xD I suck at explanations, I do.

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