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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

   Izumi from FMwS
I posted up an artwork on Izumi from FMwS yesterday. Don't really like the colouring I did, or the background... But whatever. >P I like his hat though. xDD

There's no school today... Hurrah! And yesterday was a half day but I had this choir festival thing so it ended up being like a regular day for me. We got rated superior, the highest you can get. :) But it pissed me off because we only sang two songs and we had to be there for 4 hours. And afterwards, some of my friends and I were really hungry but couldn't find anywhere to eat. We ended passing by a MacDonald's on the train though, so we just quickly got off. Spur of the moment kinda thing. Two of our friends had already left though... And I didn't have any money so my cousin paid for me. xD I don't eat their burgers anymore so I got a McChicken Meal. >P

Yes, that's my story. O.o

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