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Sunday, April 17, 2005

   New Image

I feel somewhat accomplished. :) I wasn't able to finish all my homework because I was working on this all day, but it was... kinda worth it. Haha.

It's still queued so you might not be able to view it right now, but it'll be up soon. :P I think I'm getting used to CGs now.. But that image was over 400kb so I had to resize it. There's a link to the original below it. So yea. :) Hope you like it.

PS. PLUG PLUG PLUG! FMwS general site is up and running!

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Saturday, April 9, 2005

   School + Picsel = no drawing time

I haven't been able to draw at all lately. So much CALM to do (4 and a half more to go before I'm done, at least) and Math and ugh... I'm so tired. All I've been able to get up is old drawings that I've done. A lot of my new ones are actually in my sketchbook though but my scanner can't scan books so yea... Not willing to rip up my sketchbook just to scan. ;

My birthday is tomorrow. Not really excited... Kinda apathetic really. Hahaha. I'm just going to the movies with a couple of my friends today to "celebrate" it. I really just wanted to hang out though. xDD We're gonna watch Robots. I heard that's a really good movie and I really wanna see it. :D

I'm also playing Golden Sun again... I was in the middle of The Lost Age but the batteries I had kept dying really really quick so I stopped playing (they were rechargable and I had no other ones). We still haven't bought any new ones, lol, but my brother gave me some of his so I can play it again. I really love those games. ^^ And he also bought Chain of Memories which I really wanted to play but want to finish Golden Sun first so can't. >>

My cold's starting to go away. Finally. Not coughing nearly as much now, and I'm feeling a lot better. And I'm hungry. That's irrelevent but whatever, I'm still hungry. xD

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Friday, April 1, 2005


(Upcoming post is purely based my own opinions and feelings. No need to flame. ^^)

I haven't been commenting on this issue much of late, since I don't consider myself a whining obsessee anymore (I've grown up, thx xD). However, I'm just gonna rant about this issue because I'm scared of what these companies might do to my favourite titles.

Anyways, the discussion on the censors by Viz on their recently licensed title I"s has come to my attention. I wouldn't have thought it was a big issue if that was the only edit but I just realized that Viz was pretty stupid to do something like that. I've been pretty happy with them since they started changing their manga formats but I got irritated when they came out editing and changing some of their titles (mainly the Shounen Jump ones). It's even more irritating that they're editing titles in their new SJA line. What's the point of starting a new line aimed at an older audience when you're treating that audience that same as the SJ one? They're losing money due to boycotting now, and they're losing many of their previous supporters. If those older people who have been with them for a long time give up on them, then they're losing a lot of revenue since it's in my opinion that children don't stay with fads for long. The audience they're aiming these things at may be interested in their products for a month or so, but after that, they'll stop buying them and can lose interest easily. However, the audience they're losing are the dedicated ones who really show an interest in their products. Viz has been here for a long time and should know the fanbase by now. What, have they forgotten about us now and are only thinking about what the kids want? It seems like everything the older population likes, the kids will in time start to like meaning that it will no longer be for the older audience and we'll have to find another pasttime. Wow, thanks Viz. We certainly feel like you care about our interests.

What scares me is that Viz just licensed Full Metal Alchemist and maybe even Full Moon wo Sagashite. They've already started controversy on One Piece (another of my favourites) so I'm scared of what they might do. FMwS isn't as a big a worry as FMA because it doesn't have any nudity or anything of the like. And I'm usually not one who complains about the soundeffects translations covering up the art but with this title, I really hope they just add little translations on the bottom. I won't complain if they don't but with art like Tanemura's which is really so beautiful and full of emotion, it'd be a shame if any part of it just cut off or the like. However, FMA is full of eeriness and has such a dark atmosphere, and the artwork can get pretty gruesome (scary gruesome) so I'm scared to know what they might do with it. I'm hoping they don't edit anything in FMA and FMwS (assuming they actually did license FMwS) just because their stories are so well done and it depends on the artwork a lot to convery the feeling that the artist meant. It's not just eye-candy... It's what helps you to understand what the characters are feeling.

Ahh, I really hope that they don't ruin these titles... The One Piece anime was already ruined, I've learned to live with that because the graphic novels are pretty decent, plus I download the fansubs and scanlations anyways, and the FMA anime's dub is actually really good, in my opinion. Since the FMwS anime isn't really anything I care a lot about (it's good and all, but compared to the manga's story...), I don't really care too much about it at the moment. (Plus, it hasn't been licensed yet. xD) The mangas for FMA and FMwS, however... I'd probably still end up buying them anyways though... Just to support Tanemura and Arakawa and so that I can marvel at the unedited parts of their artwork.

On a less controversial note, I'm almost done the characters pages for my FMwS site. :D Joy!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

   Two new images

Added two new images. They are also quite old, actually. Haha. I hope you enjoy them. :) Please comment on them if you like them, and if you don't please tell me why so I can improve on later images. Also, comment here if you think I should enable my guestbook.

Have a good weekend everyone. :)

EDIT: Ah, nevermind about the guestbook. I decided to allow it for the sake of knowing who's visited my site (and so I can visit theirs and whatnot).

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Friday, March 25, 2005

   Easter holidays

Its officially the first day of the Easter break. And I posted up a new image for you guys. Well actually, it's quite old, but whatever. I hope you guys like it at least a little.

I just woke up. Really tired. And I've got a horrible cough that's taking forever to go away. I think I'll try to do homework every night at 8pm so I don't get stuck with 10 days' worth of work. (I procrastinate a lot so that usually happens, haha). But I really feel like drawing. Unfortunately I have artist's block so I can't come up with anything good. I think I'll go play a game to relax a bit. (Weird way to relax, eh?) I really want Half-Life 2. :( Too bad my computer can't handle it...

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