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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Haha! Sorry guys for not really updating! ^_____^ *gomen gomen gomen! xD* Gahh French is so annoying! (no offence to those who like french =D) Psshhh... during class I was playing with a protractor.. it's fun! xD Kyaaaa soo bored =____= Watching 'Born to be" Hehe... It's cool! Avril! ^_^ oh yeah! Power to the people! *random random xD*
Haha! Anywayyysss... some questions for you guys now.. just outta boredom xD Umm.. how are you? (LOL) What happened today? Anything new? (I know, my questions suck but who can blame me? haven't had my daily dose of sugar, or haido yet so there! >=D)

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