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Friday, January 6, 2006

YATTA! I actually updated the next day! =O surprise! xD Well... yesterday I spent the whole time on livejournal.. I'm sorta new there and I have the hang on some things... but I have no clue how to add friends... so if you have been a journalist there for some time, could you possible give me some help with this friends buisness? How do you add them anyways? xDD (I am such a n0000bie) Well, MyOtaku is actually working. For the time being. I need more friends! xD haha.. and I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would join the forum or at least drop by the 13X website and read it.. maybe even leave a guestbook message? ^-^= do it for me please? LOL
Question: Haha back to the lj buisness, do you have an account there? What is it? XD I need friends there >_>

Well, see ya next time guys! *huggles* Mata ne!

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