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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Haha sorry for not updatingg!! My computer wouldn't allow me to go on myotakuu.. >.< *thwacks computer* haha! Workkk!! xD

Haha volley-ball tournament Thursday! Exhibition game Tuesday, can't wait! We're gonna kick their sorry butts all the way back to their school!! xDD Whoo!! 'The ball is what? CHOCOLATE! (LOL Paula) Hehe we're gonna winn!!

Soo much homework. The supply teacher took my map for history and didn't give it back.. o.o I just noticed that when I got home. >.<

Stupid war, it's taking place at my school and it's tearning everyone apart.. x.X Wahh dumb girls, just because I hang out with their crushes doesn't give them the right to smack me, I nearly punched this girl because she smacked me 3 timess!! D=<

Heh, well, I'm all right now. Gotta write my story now, Baii!

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