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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hahahaha once again tired. -.- I have to memorize so much science stuff that it's going to rot my brainn!! AHH!! So much definitions, it hurts.. >.< SAVE ME! Then I need to keep up with my drawings or else my friend is going to get madd.. I promised to get some sketching done and I never EVER break promises I make to my friends.. only if I either forget or I HAVE to, so yea. >DDD Well, going to study and make more friends! W00t! Let's just hope I pass the test tomorrow, and then I'll get to stay on the computerr!! ^^
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Friday, October 14, 2005

Acckk! So sorry I haven't really posted much. I'm usually to busy with homework, but I do cheak my site thing from time to time everyday! I just haven't had the time to update it.. x.x Well, now that I happen TO have the time, I thought I would stop by and update =P

Thank yew soo much everyone who signed my g-book and are my friends! <33 ya guys soo muchh!! People in myotaku are soo nice! xD

Well, I'm going to wander around for a while, I'm going to sleep soon too.. Soo tired. x.x

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

LOL! Today was alright, I mean, volley-ball practice went okay.. (Sorry Ailen and Mrs. Skeets for hitting you in the head!! And this other girl for hitting you in the facee!!) Well, I finished my homework and decided to change the bg! Halloween is comming, and I'm too lazy to change the colour of the text so guys, just cope with me here. Anyways, my computer is going MUNDO slow and I don't want to wait 10 minutes for 1 lousey page to load... (sorry x.x) I'm going to make my site look better.. right now, it looks really.. odd.. o.o And I need to get more friends!! (xD) I also need to change the banner.. o.o It looks really weird, I guess I'm going to make a new one soon. -when I get the chance- I have to get off in a few minutes and stuff.. gotta run. -.-
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

There is such a huge Halloween Dance at my school.. and people are asking others to the dance... o.o it's getting to serious.. it is just a dance right? I'm really scared.. X.x AHH got asked to many times.. oh well, it's pretty amusing how people get dared to ask other people xD Gosh.. iickk Helen and Sylvia are so.. LMAO! xD Well, off to hunt for friends again.. ^^
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Monday, October 10, 2005

   ^.^ Haha, no other good title...
Whee!! xD I feel soo happy! I'm soo glad my iternet cooperated this time, and let me finish my site thing! ^^ Well, I thank Angie for helping me with my site! Arigato! =3

Uguu.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! ^^ I feel soo sad for the little turkeys though.. -.- RUN TURKEYS RUN! (lmao!)

Haha, I'm feeling a bit on the hyper side today.. it isn't funny. I was jumping around and nearly fell off the stairs. >.< Well, I'm off to hunt for friends! ^^

LOL I had to put the picture up, for the Star*Healixion! Left: Angie -- Right: Me
Special thanks to Himiko for drawing! She is awesome! ^^

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