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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Haha! Sorry guys for not really updating! ^_____^ *gomen gomen gomen! xD* Gahh French is so annoying! (no offence to those who like french =D) Psshhh... during class I was playing with a protractor.. it's fun! xD Kyaaaa soo bored =____= Watching 'Born to be" Hehe... It's cool! Avril! ^_^ oh yeah! Power to the people! *random random xD*
Haha! Anywayyysss... some questions for you guys now.. just outta boredom xD Umm.. how are you? (LOL) What happened today? Anything new? (I know, my questions suck but who can blame me? haven't had my daily dose of sugar, or haido yet so there! >=D)

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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Quick update! Not even allowed to be on XD haha school tomorrow... ^_^ don't wanna go! Well. watching Stigmata. =D GOtta go! Oh damn.. mom here... BYE! *glomp*

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Friday, January 6, 2006

YATTA! I actually updated the next day! =O surprise! xD Well... yesterday I spent the whole time on livejournal.. I'm sorta new there and I have the hang on some things... but I have no clue how to add friends... so if you have been a journalist there for some time, could you possible give me some help with this friends buisness? How do you add them anyways? xDD (I am such a n0000bie) Well, MyOtaku is actually working. For the time being. I need more friends! xD haha.. and I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would join the forum or at least drop by the 13X website and read it.. maybe even leave a guestbook message? ^-^= do it for me please? LOL
Question: Haha back to the lj buisness, do you have an account there? What is it? XD I need friends there >_>

Well, see ya next time guys! *huggles* Mata ne!

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Thursday, January 5, 2006


Heh, myotaku finally agrees to work! ^__^ I'm terribly terribly TERRIBLY sorry for not being on for such a long time! School has been an itch in the behind (if ya know what I mean) and I'm not particularly keen about the homework too. Well, with Christmas Break almost done, it'll mean less time on the computer. X___x;; I don't want there to be such a long gap between posts again! Anyways.. I'm super obsessed with J-pop now.. I couldn't stop downloading songs xD it was really weird beacuse I couldn't stop listening to "Lil Crazy by w-inds" it's a really good song! Haha I also changed my theme! ^___^ it's now officialy 13X! XD Please cheak out the website! And like I said, I would never EVER stop sending you love if you joined the forum! (we only have 4 members and we need more to get our dream going!) Much appreciation to those who are willing to do it! *gives them a lotta love* I will do my best to update as often as I can! I just hope myotaku cooperates =_= Well, that's all for today! Gomen Nasai guys! *glompeth*

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oh my gosh! I am SOOO sorry you guys! ;_; I haven't been on in such a long time! MyOtaku wasn't working for me... so I couldn't update or do anything. You could kinda say my site was 'dead' xD But I'm back! =D I've gotta cheak my g-bookie if anyone signed it.. O_o;; I'm also going back to hunt down friends! OHHH! Himiko, Angiru, and I made a website for our RP! (the linkie is at the top underneath the navigaton =D Along with other buttons I'm going to put there LOL) It's just a start so there really isn't much. Wait until we post up the story! xD Well, going to fix up my space now.. buh-bye!

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Monday, November 14, 2005


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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Haha sorry for not updatingg!! My computer wouldn't allow me to go on myotakuu.. >.< *thwacks computer* haha! Workkk!! xD

Haha volley-ball tournament Thursday! Exhibition game Tuesday, can't wait! We're gonna kick their sorry butts all the way back to their school!! xDD Whoo!! 'The ball is what? CHOCOLATE! (LOL Paula) Hehe we're gonna winn!!

Soo much homework. The supply teacher took my map for history and didn't give it back.. o.o I just noticed that when I got home. >.<

Stupid war, it's taking place at my school and it's tearning everyone apart.. x.X Wahh dumb girls, just because I hang out with their crushes doesn't give them the right to smack me, I nearly punched this girl because she smacked me 3 timess!! D=<

Heh, well, I'm all right now. Gotta write my story now, Baii!

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Sunday, November 6, 2005


LOL! Well.. nothing new happened, just trying to make a blog thingie and then everything eill be fine! LOL Well...

I plan on drawing like hell today, and tomorrow. DAMN! I have a friken french test tomorrow, and of this unit thingie and it's reading! >.< I have no clue if I'll pass... let's hope for the best!

Whoo football!! I want to play badlyyy xD

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Saturday, November 5, 2005

Wahh I finally posted again! Sorry for the HUGE delay! I have to add more friends now!! ^^ my internet was acting all crappy and such, so I couldn't update. >.<

Well, I don't want to backtrack *too* far I mean.. yea. Well, my science exam was Friday.. I didn't finish!! x_X But a lot of people didn't finish either, so I'm glad i'm not the only one. ^^ I got a cellphone!! Whoo!! I changed my layout thingie too, and if I like it, then I'm gonna kaap my thing, and only change the pics sometimes xD

Wahh I dunno if I can update as often as I used to.. >.< I'll try! But my internet goess -poof- and then comes back on, so it's unknown xD

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hehe Yay! xD Me and Jose and Angelica are going to sing a trio of True Colours! ^^

OOOH! And I'm so so SO sorry for not updating.. I've been to busy in homework and stuff.. *huggles everyone* ahh so sorry. -.- Gomen Nasaii!! xD

Well, we're going to sing! So Happy! xD but my arms hurt.. x.x volley-ball practice.. so many pushups! x_X well, I hope I did well on my science quiz.. thank you all for your supportt!! ^^

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