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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

   Happy day =D
Konnichiwa pplz.

I wasn't on for a while. Me so sry [not like anyone visits me anyway -.-''].

Today was so freaking hilarious. At lunch break, my friends and I where fooling around .. again xD. We, by we i mean my class, have basically no work, and we have NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY!!!!! xO AND i have 80% on my test AND 100% on my quiz!!! YATA!

Oh and i bought a new book for myself ^-^. Its called Nothing to Lose by Norah McClintock. I think it's good. Sounds interesting. But i REALLY REALLY want a book called Midnight by Jaqueline Wilson.

Anyway. H [early] BD TO MY FRIEND EMILY!!!

O==[||> ResoluteNinja

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