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Monday, August 6, 2007

Back again
WOW! its been a while since ive been here. My building has had no internet for the past few months, so that meant my online agenda was shot. then when i got it back, i had forgotten about MyO! how is that possible? dunno, but i eventually remembered and thus, here i am.

not all that much happened in the past few months though. I got to go home and have a blast with all my friends again. We accidently broke my nephew's arm during a pillow fight ( a 5 year old going against adults might have been a bad idea) But I got to put into effect some of the self-aid and buddy care that i was taught in basic so i got to make a splint and i took care of the situation fairly well (i think) the lady at the hospitol was inpressed with the make-shift splint i made. anyway, i felt bad so i went and bought the mario party 8 for my nintendo wii so when he came home, he could play too (his left arm was in a cast, but his right arm was fine. he loved it when he got to play. so much so that i decided to leave it home with my brother and my nephew for a while and thy could send it back to me eventually (i STILL havent gotten it back) but they are in the middle of moving houses so im forgiving, im just glad he's having fun with it. his cast is off now too, btw...

On Friday, July 27th.. I went to the.. PROJEKT REVOLUTION. and not only did i just go and see the show, I WON THE MEET & GREET TO SEE LINKIN PARK!!! it wasnt like a chill session with them or anything, you got to pass through in a line to have them sign something of yours, and you could chat with them as briefly as that. it was still awesome. I passed on a message to Chester that my friend asked me to relay, "Grey Daze was freaking awesome" to which Chester laughed and said "yeah, right on!" the show they put on was freaking amazing. I was sold then that i would go to the next show of theirs that i could. Earlier in the day during the Revolution stage's performance (there were two stages to play, revolution had the smaller bands: Medina Lake, Styles of Beyond, Saosin, Mindless Self Indulgence, and the Bled. After them was the main stage: Julien-K, Placebo, HIM, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, and Linkin Park) Styles of Beyond was a no show, which sucked cuz i wanted to see them. We missed most of MEdina lake but we watched all of saosin, they were really good, although the sound crew really messed up the mikes on them. After they performed, they set up a little stand where you could meet them, so me and my friend went to that and we meet them. it was cool, they signed a poster for everyone and they signed my shirt too. So my shirt has both LP and Saosin signatures :) . Julien-K was suprisingly alot better than i thought they would be, I might get their album, dunno yet.

Anyway, thats about all I have to report. If anyone read all of this, my hat goes off to you. If i went to your page and saw this much stuff to read, i would probably have skimmed or skipped it altogether. LOL, just kidding probably. maybe not, who knows. Catch you guys later!


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Thursday, June 7, 2007

"home" - daughtry
right, sorry guys its been a while. not really much to say, this week of work has been kinda stressful. Having just gotten back from a temporary duty assignment, i had a bit of paperwork that needs to be taken care of, most of it requires alot of running around to do, getting signatures and fun things like that. Also, i have to switch dorms to a different building. I havent had a chance to do so until tomarrow, and i need to have my current room (soon to be the old room) cleaned out and inspected and moved out from by 4pm friday. fun. also, i forgot to have my cable and internet services cancelled bythe time im moved out, so unless a miracle is given to me and they can do an appointmenton friday, im boned.

stressful as all that is, im still holding onto the peace i have in: IM GOING HOME ON LEAVE ON FRIDAY! thats been my only saving grace as far as staying sane has been for the past few weeks. i get to go home and see kate graduate high school, which is cool stuff. and then i get to spend (hopefully) alot of time with people i havent gotten to spend time with as much as i'd like to (i.e.- DANNY my best friend, and hopefully Kate's schedule will give her some time too). i'll be home for like two and a half weeks, so i'm going to try to have an awesome time. i hope you guys have been doing well, i'll catch you later


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Sunday, May 20, 2007

   quick post

this video is really funny, my brother went to jump over the bushes, but he slipped and fell into them really hard, its crazy funny to watch over and over again.

thats all im here for this time is advertising, i'll catch you guys later.

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