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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 03/16/05:
I guees i realy am a lot like her...

Result Posted on 03/16/05:
Wow.. i must be alot like her...

You are Lettuce!
Congragulations! You're Lettuce Midorikawa! Fused
with the genes of a Black Finless Porpoise, you
are extremely shy. You don't have enough
courage to do a lot of things you should be
doing, and many people believe you were a
ghost. Maybe it's a good thing to be a little
outgoing at times, loosen up. However, all it
takes is a little push from your friends to
straighten you up. You can do anything when
encouraged. Not only that, you're an extremely
sweet person who loves to please people. You're
a tad bit clumsy though, maybe you should talk
to Mint or Zakuro.

Which Tokyo Mew Mew Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 03/15/05:
Lettuce again!!! Yeah!!!

Result Posted on 03/15/05:
Cool ^^

To Be Edited
Red! Your eyes are red! You're a very distant
person, and you tend to hunger for power. In a
Manga, you'd be the sexy evil villan. Nothing
wrong with that, although you may want to think
about toning down the killing.

What Color Are Your Anime Eyes?
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Result Posted on 03/15/05:
Yeah i got one of my favorite charcters! yeah but like four out of five are my favorite lol ^^

You Are Vanilla! Are'nt you a bit...strange. You
rarely talk, but when everyone is about to die
you seem to push the button to save everyone.
oO wierd plushies like to follow you around and
tend to have a crush on you. You are the
youngest of your group, and you don't talk
much. You are in touch with god, and you don't
really care about many things, you just let
them happen. You Are a type that would let
others discover themselves instead of revealing
the truth because you want them to learn.
Sometimes not speaking at all is speaking to
someone's heart.

Which Galaxy Angel Character Are you?
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Result Posted on 03/15/05:
She's cool. Not my fav but she's cool.

Sailor Pluto
Sailor Pluto!Your the mysterious one with the wand!
At least I think it's a wand...No it might be a
rod or staff... Oops! Sorry about that thinking
out loud.You'r kind of like the leader-leader
that noone ever sees in the show.Of course
peaple see you in real life. And they see that
your a loving,kind,gentle type of person. Most compatible with:Sailor Mini Moon,Sailor
Jupiter,Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercurey, and
Sailor Moon. Stay away from Sailor Uranus and

<><><>?!#What Sailor Moon Charector Are You?#!?<><><>
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Result Posted on 03/15/05:
That's kinda me. Cept i dont let life go past me.. But how does that have anything to do with moose tracks??? 0.o

Result Posted on 03/14/05:
ok then... *shrugs*

You like Fandome!

How do you like your Anime
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Result Posted on 03/14/05:
Yeah that's meh. Ramen tis the bomb ^^

You are Oriental Noodles!
You are Oriental Ramen! You are the more exotic and
uncommon type of person, often isolated or
crowded upon because you are so much different
from everyone else. Sometimes you see yourself
as a social outcast, though you're really not.
You are quite good at many things, though they
might not be especially useful in life, but at
least they're amusing and fun. You are quite
the interesting person to have around.

What Flavor of Ramen Noodles are you?
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Result Posted on 03/14/05:
Shia's cool. I could see that.

You are Shia-San! You're a very quiet person. You
live a sad and lonely life, but mask it with a
candy coated exterior! You can sometimes you
can become a bit of an airhead. You adore other
people, and sometimes have hidden intentions...

Which Pita-Ten character are you?
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