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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 03/28/05:
Ok that's not very spasific at all...

~~~%SWEET LOVE%~~~ You have a avage normal love life. Where you care
dearly about someone. That's normal. Tip, don't
get to attach to people,your sweet love could
be broken like that.

LOVE SECTION, Whats your love type? very,very good pics.UPDATED
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Result Posted on 03/27/05:
I kinda wanted to be a vampire but this is cool too ^^

Result Posted on 03/26/05:
Uhhh ok then...

face="Monotype Corsiva">
You're a
hopeless Romantic! *sigh* ...Red roses, walks
on the beach on a night of Full Moon with the
stars twinkling right above your head and the
waves lapping gently at the sand... That's what
you live for.

You want your man to be sweet, gentle, charming
and of course, romantic!
But hey! Do keep in mind that there are few of
those in the world!! It's unlikely Prince
Charming will arrive on his white knight, sword
at the ready! He's more likely to be riding a
skateboard or a sport car!!

Try not to let your emotions get the best of
you...and try to keep at least some


[---What is your Boy-Catching Style?? ---for girls--- anime pics---]
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Result Posted on 03/26/05:
*eyes tear up* uhhh.... *runs to boyfriend*

Result Posted on 03/26/05:
Sounds like me.

fallen angel
You are a fallen angel. Once, your were a great
angel but you fell into disgrace and were
banished from heaven. Your family is ashamed of
you as are you. In all meanings of the word,
you are definitely the black sheep of your
family. However, you might not be completely
lost. There may come along something to turn
you back on the right path and restore you to
your former grace. I wish you luck, my friend.

What Kind of Angel Are You? (GORGEOUS anime pics)
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Result Posted on 03/26/05:
Hey that sounds like what i would be. Good Quiz. Man Seras is so awsome!

you are a.. ClASSIC vampire. you are somewhat
gothic, keep to yourself, and that's the way
you like things. you are traditional and old
fassioned. you might not do well with machines.
simple is better. You love the fact that you
are a vampire and wouldnt trade it for the
world. so many advantages! you love to terrify
the weaker race of humans silly. you also
despice the "cute" vampires. you go
with your insticts on everything, keep doing
what your good at, the older ways

what kind of vampire are you?(hellsing pics)
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Result Posted on 03/25/05:
Yup that's me. Kouchi's so awsome and bishie *sighs*

You have depression *sigh*
*sighs* You are pitiful and look down on your life.
You are just sad and empty, longing for
forgiveness and yourself. Don't worry. As long
as you don't commit suicide, you're fine...

Which Digimon Frontier mental disorder do you have?
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Result Posted on 03/25/05:
Alucard is such a bad ass

Alucard. You are one of the remaining true immortal
vampires. You are so powerful, everyone fears
you. Even other immortal beings - 'cause you
can kill them. And you're possibly the biggest
bad ass ever. After being filled with hundreds
of assault rifle rounds, you belittle peoples
clothing style and complain about boredom and
make fun of people's power.

Which Hellsing Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 03/25/05:
I donno who this is but Itachi-san said it was good ^^'

Result Posted on 03/25/05:
Interesting... I like the pic XP

You are the Spirit of Sadness. Deep pain and sorrow
lie within you, betrayal, jealousy and
rejection rule your life. You cannot make
friends as you are too scared at the prospect
of being hurt again and you can't take that
risk. You wish more than anything to have a
steady person there who loves you
unconditionally but you are too scared to find

Which stunning spirit of emotion are you? NEW AND IMPROVED! (amazingly beautiful anime pics!)
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