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Saturday, May 7, 2005

Ok hi...
Yeah I'm kinda depressed... 0.o It's a long story and I dont want to talk about it... One of the reasons is that Itachi-san's having family problems again and his brother ran away. Stupid people hurting other people. I'll kill his older brother someday. But yeah I still have Austin's sweater and i'm thinking about not giving it back ^^ Yeah I'm over at Kiyoko's house and i got to watch the first half of the naruto movie and it was cool. I want to watch the rest though. Oh and also I've got a new thing for Yugo and Bakuryu from the Bloody Roar game (hehe... Bloody Rawr ^^) There sexy ^^ Ok Kiyoko's gona kill me for liking Bakuryu so bye... *runs from Kiyoko's rath*
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