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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hello everyone! Well yesterday after I played outside with Gabe and Alex a little more the people downstairs came home and started to talk to me and my mom. Joni (my flute teacher) was complaining about how her husband wouldn't help her clean out her stuff so i offered to help. We got her room done pretty much. It looked realy good ^^ I got some stuff out of it too because she said anything she was going to throw away i could keep so i got a new bag for the anime club, a new purse, and a whole bunch of other stuff. After that me and her went back outside and all of us had a cookout which was alot of fun. Then i got to meet more neighbors (i live in a apt complex so i have alot of neighbors) Jessica and Aron. They were boyfriend and Girlfriend and they were both realy funny. Aron did a bunch of inpressions and he told me about his snake and i got to see a picture of it (Snakes are so freaken awsome!) After that we went over so Joni's and watched pirates of the carrabian. I like that movie alot. Anyways I have desided if I ever get a pet snake I will become like Orochimaru and train him to do my bidding (minus phedoflie of corse ^^) I'm starting to get over my fear of Orochimaru and relize what a bad ass he is. Ok I'm going to comment on everyone's site after work (eh.. i g2g to work today... fun...) Well everyone have a nice day! Ja Ne!
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