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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Hey everyone!
Ok now for the promised pictures of Hinata and Temari. sorry for the lack of Temari pictures my computers being stupid.

As for today I have been playing outside with my brother and the two next store kids Gabe and Alex. (They are so cool) We were outside and playing on the swing set all day. Then we were sitting with the adults and all three of them started to play with my hair. Alex was trying to barade it, Gabe was trying to make it straight, and i have no clue what my brother was trying to do. Heh i got long hair XP Now I'm going to go back outside and play with the kids and work on my new, self made, self taught Taijustu. (Part Tai kwan do, Part Rock Lee/Sasuke Taijustu, Part Tsunade.) Ja Ne! I'll comment of everyone's site later on today.

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