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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Hey everyone. My weekend so far has been nice. I went to the anime club and saw Samurai Champloo and the end of Pita Ten. I'm hoping they'll eather start Naruto or Hajime no Ippo again (boxing anime) then i spent the night at Kiyoko's and then went to the art commity thing for Harucon. I'm drawing/painting the information booth sign and it's got eternal Sailor Moon on it (the wings are killing me!!!) But yeah i am now raising chaos and for you people that dont know what choas are there these chibi pet things that you raise. Here's my chaos so far.

Naruto: An aditude problem (lol)
Haku: Loves everything.
Gaara: Hates me (NOOO!!!)
Kankuro: is lazy (another lol)

So yeah ill see you guys later. Have a nice one.

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