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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Naruto Yaoi/Yuri Parrings?
Yes i think this exists between naruto charies. But which ones right? Here's what I found...

A definete yes. No question about it. Why? Haku gives a dead giveaway when he says "I didn't want them to damage your beautiful body." So yeah Haku was in love from the get go but it took Zabuza awile to catch on i think. But Zabuza eventually showed he cared about him

Debatal. Still not sure about this one. Sasuke doesn't seem to care for girls at all which makes you think he's gay. (no offence to any Sasuke fans) Naruto on the other hand seems to like a couple of girls in the series. But Sasuke also said "I'm going to kill you Naruto, because you are my best friend." I donno i think that helps support it better if Sasuke was hinting at more, which he may not be. i donno about this one not enough support.

No support from the anime of manga. Although there personalitys are compatable i think it's the age difference that spilts these apart.

I guess theres some support. After Gaara is defeated up Naruto he seems to be alot nicer and treat people with more respect and it's all thanks to Naruto. Maybe Gaara had feelings for Naruto for helping him. I think this ones a probaly not. But still the rumors seem to fly huh?

I donno everyone seems to think they would be a perfect pair cause they both have had the pain of being Naruto's Sensei. But they seem to be more of a rivalry instead. Although they woudl be quite cute together.

If anyone thinks of anything else please comment so i can add it. Oh and For the layout... I want to change it right after valenines day. Should i do Haku, Gaara, Or the little Senins, or someone else from Naruto? Ok thanks have a great thursday!!! ^^
P.S. Kiyoko-chan do we have anime club tommorow?

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