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Saturday, August 26, 2006

   People are Fickle
And I am one of them. I can't believe how panicky I get sometimes. I am still here at college and it is getting waaaay better. I've met some guys and made some close friends...at least, as close as one can be to someone they only met a week ago. I almost feel like I've lived here my entire life because I've had to adapt so quickly. Weird, huh?
The only reason why I would still enjoy dropping out is the fact that I'm in Math 1010. That's Intermediate Algebra, people! And the hardest math I ever took in high school was Algebra 1. AND I BARELY PASSED IT!
My roommate says that if I tell myself I can do something, it's true. She likes to say that I just developed a thought pattern when I was a child that tells me that I can't do math. I think it might be true, but it just seems a lot simpler to say that my mind does not cope well with abstract thinking. Hmmm...But that would mean I can't do music, either, and I've been classically trained on the piano...

...maybe she's right.

Oh, screw it. I don't know. I'm just going to relax this weekend and try to stop worrying about monday morning. I have most of my math homework done and my music history and american history homework consists of reading and listening to ancient greek epitaphs.

I stil miss my family, but I'm glad to be away from all that screwiness. I just wish I lived closer so that I could go home on the weekends like my roommates do. It's depressing being here in a six person apartment by your lonesome little self. I might call one of the guys tonight. I don't know. Maybe I'll just watch Napoleon Dynamite and eat some more easy mac.

I want real food!!!!!! o_0.

I really do.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

There's no place like home
I have officially decided that I'm going home. I hate my roommates and I've been crying for over 24 hours and I feel like shit and...
*deep, shuddering breath*
Yuh. I have asthma and I've been having attacks since I moved in. maybe it's a sign. that and i even prayed for some sort of answer and then i threw up.

god's trying to tell me something....or something.

ARgh! My brother is going to give me hell for this!!!!!!

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

   har har har....ehhh wwaaaaaahhh!!!
I miss my mommy! I know it's stupid, but I really just don't know how to deal with being all alone. I cried all morning, even though I dont' really know why. I've been complaining about my family and town my entire life, and now I miss it. damn me for being such a fickle person. ARrrrrrgh. I want to go to sleep and it's only one in the afternoon. AND CLASSES START ON THURSDAY! AHHHHHH! I dont' know if I can do sign language or math. ahhhhhgh *dies from stress* I can't believe myself. I need to shutup.
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   What? A YEAR?! What's wrong with me?!
Holy shit! It's been a year since I posted on myotaku. I just got so involved with some other stupid site and then I actually STOPPED USING THE INTERNET FOR RECREATION!!!! How the hell did I pull that off? No clue! But I've decided that it is way more fun to use the internet as entertainment.

Wells...I am now officially a college student. I just moved into my new apartment. I don't think any of my roommates like anime. Wizzers on them!! It's their bloody loss!

Reflecting back on my high school experience (which was vast and painful), the crappiest thing that ever happened was graduation. Reason being, my extremely bible thumping ex-friend bitch aquaintence came with me and my friends for senior sluff. We went to las vegas, blar blar blar, fast forward to the ride home. we stopped in beaver, utah and ate at some stupid resturaunt (don't EVER eat there!!!) called lodge something, and guess what? the next day i had food poisoning. and guess what else? it was graduation. So I spent the entire day vomming, shitting water, and crying/sleeping. I was supposed to play the piano during the ceremony, blar blar blar. Well, anyway. I missed the huge all night party my school gives after the ceremony because i went home and passed out. i woke up the next morning. I HATE BRANDI!!!

*deep breath* that's my rant. Took me a while to do it, but it still sucks. har har har.

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

If you have a "job opportunity" RUN AWAY!!!!!
Okay. I officially have a job. And it sucks. I'm serious. I'm a maid at a hotel(the only one in town, but hey, whatcha gonna do when you live in a shithole town?) and I just seemed to realize something I've known since I was a child: I HATE TO CLEAN! Therefore I have ruined my summer by having to clean every week for hours at a time. The only good news is I actually know how to make a bed! But the bad thing is, I'm still too damn lazy to make my own. My room is in such a state of utter chaos that you wouldn't even beleive it. It really sucks. But then again, I'd say it really sucks if I cleaned it. I'd whine about it either way. I guess that's my point in life. I'm loud, annoying, stupid, and lazy. But, hey. I'm fun right? I have a keychain that says "I'm like a superhero..." on one side and "Just without powers or motivation." on the other. I'm not sure if I agree all of the time, but right now all I want to do is sleep in tomorrow(and, praise whoever is in charge in this mad mad world, tomorrow is my day off) and take a nice long shower and maybe clean my room(Ahhh! Did I just say that?). On second thought, I'll just sit on my ass all day and watch Passions...oh shit my life is ruined! Stupid ass Wimbledon Tennis is on instead of Passions. Damn it all to hell.
The other news of my life is that I've officially been charged with assault. Hurah? I think not. Luckily, the charges will more than likely be dropped since I was the one who was assaulted and I just defended myself. Damn Daisuke (little hellian of a huge muscle mass brother) just had to get into a stupid "cat fight" argument. Oh well. My life will go on. And on. Just like my heart will go on and on. That's my spill for the last eternity of my boring life. I've had my rant and now I'm going to flame somebody just for the fun of it. Probably Ayumi (the no longer virgin holier than thou skank I have to call an older sister) since she's been really bitchy all month. Come to think of it, all of my life since I "ruined it" when I was born. How dumb. She just wants more money and attention so she figures if I hadn't been born Daisuke and Koi-san wouldn't have been born either. What a louse. I hope she gets hit by a car. Or bitten by a snake. Better yet, I hope she gets struck by lightning and dies, thereby going to hell. Once there, I hope that she has to spend every waking moment engaged in bum sex with the devil.
*deep breath* Okay. My spill is over now instead of earlier. So sue me. I know you all love my wondrous self, only because I force you to on pain of death...speaking of that phrase...I'm going to go watch Pirates of the Carribean and watch Johnny Deep run around dressed as a sexy, sexy pirate. Over and out (for now: you'll never get read of me). Muahahahaha!
Hibiki the Crazy Lady Whose Real Name is Julie

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Flaming is actually pretty funny...unless, of course, it's happening to you. In that case it sucks. But this guy named Zerka on gaiaonline.com is sucha a stupid ass eyed little turd. He was yelling about shoes so normal people (a.k.a. the normally crazy people like moi) flamed his but out. Holy crap I gotta go! It's late...shoot. I never have enough time anymore!!!!! gAAAAH!!!! ~_~;;
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Monday, June 6, 2005

my eyes are about to burn out of my head and i have a job interview at noon. oh god i don't want a job. it's going to ruin my life! at least then i'll have money. oh oh oh oh!!! I saw Star Wars 3 like three weeks ago. it was so flippin awesome! i'm going to see it again soon. sooon damn you! i'm outie i need to take a shower.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

   school is almost over!!!!!!!!
this is my last post. tah. I'm not gonna have time this summer so see you all next year!
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Friday, May 13, 2005

   All in due time
Ok. My father is officially the weirdest man I know. I asked him if I could borrow his car last night and he said, "All in due time." I think it's because he's been watching Star Wars again....but just exactly how it effects him that way is so totally beyond me.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

freakin a
grrrrr....i'm mad but i'm not going to say why right now. i'll post why later.......~_~:
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