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Sunday, February 26, 2006

   sup people?
sorry i haven't been posting lately... i've got schoolwork to do. rawr. anyways, i made a promise with my friends: we're all gonna have defined abs by junior year. lol. eventhough they're all boiz and i'm a girl. XD. i plan on drawing and posting a pic of legato bluesummers soon. <3

rawr. i'll change my song soon. i <3 'the jester race' by in flames. i also <3 my peter-kun. lol.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

   3-day weekend...
yes...it is a 3-day weekend! anyways, friday was the dance [winter formal]... peter-kun <3. laterz...gotta do my homework.
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Friday, February 3, 2006

   uh yea...sure
"This is the theme to a better Armageddon
Nightchords rake the heavens,
PAN DAEMON AEON" ~ "From the Cradle to Enslave," Cradle of Filth

Oki...so i have to work on a sailboat project...building one in engineering. i should go to sleep but yea...i'm sorta nocturnal now. i gotta fix that.

anyways, i finally saw peter's (my friend/not secret crush) YMCA picture. yea...i DID die a little on this inside...like they all said... dude... Puberty has been very, very good to him.

BUT now i have to go to winter formal. whatthefruitcakes?! first he turns me down, then he makes me promise to go...is this his idea of a game? =/

i <3 music peter music XD

some bands you should check out:


*From First to Last
*My Chemical Romance

*Cradle of Filth (not just Nymphetamine)
*In Flames
*Children of Bodom

Some bands that have broken my dear music/peter-loving heart:
-Fall Out Boy
-Simple Plan
-Good Charlotte

they burn my ears AND they've gone so mainstream, every girl (it's girls mostly) and guy thinks they're freaking goth or emo. most are borderline punk. if i wasn't a nice person i would hurt the people who said:

"Oh mi gawd, Greenday has gone, like, hardcore!"
"Yea, I know, like Good Charlotte."
"Yea, and isn't Kelly Clarkson SO punkish?!"
"Uh-huh, more like emo."

*true story, heard it with my own ears*

also...I viciously attacked anyone and everyone who said i looked like billy joe armstrong two days ago. i'm completely cool with looking like gerard way, though.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hey! Late Merry Happy Chrismahannakwanzakuh. =) Well, late Merry Christmas from me, ^-^

heh heh. Peter is my wife, and what a sexy wife he is... Well, I don't really blog here anymore...sorry. heh heh.

if you want to add me on myspace my URL is www.myspace.com/sharpendofthespade

anyways...check out my new pic sometime, okay?

I still <3 all of you...uhm yea. Maybe I'll change my song, it's been there a while and I don't even know if it works...maybe..."fine again" by seether or "from the cradle to enslave" by cradle of filth...

laterz. I'm gonna go check out what art i missed.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

   t3|-| Crazeh Bugger is here!
I know, I know; It's been a while. *sigh* Man...highschool is hard...my friend went to a different school and it's easier than out middle school... UGGH. At least I finally met some people who like anime as much as me...even if one of them's a pervert. ~__^ He's meh kuya (not literally). =D Hm...now I'm starting to feel bad that I decided to take Spanish instead of Japanese. hm. But yea. I'm on the JV tennis team and I'm still getting high "A"s, but it's really wearing me down. X__X

Pues, nos vemos mis amigos.


If you haven't seen already, I've posted a new piccy. First drawing after quite a while...heh heh.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

I forgot...
there's a peprally tomorrow and guess what? I drew the liger on the banner. =) w00t me ish the artist of the class. I won't have anything interesting to tell you for a little bit, so look at the previous post/yesterday's post for a laugh. I gotta talk to Kurt...(see previous post if you wanna know who he is.)
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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I want to tOuCh...TOUCH...you!
Sorry it's been so long...highschool...>,>


Yeah, I just have to post this.

Anyways, we still have "icebreakers" at this four day 9am to 2pm orientation (it's like a minimal schoolday at [if you know me you know which school I went to...same one as osea, remember?] with classes and stuff) so the sophomores and juniors forced us to play heads-up-seven-up.

Alright, so I haven't had a crush on a guy since 2nd grade (and since that crush only lasted a month, I'll tell you it was Eric...) but now I'm crushing on this guy named Kurt. He's like a hot dork. Don't ask how that works, it just works for me.

So, since we're all teenagers, it was very suggestive when the juniors/sophomores called the 7 people who pushed thumbs down "touchers." We all went, "Ew," when they said, "Alright, who got touched?"

I got "touched" and I was hoping to guess it right so I could...uh..."touch" Kurt. Yea...but I guessed wrong. It wasn't Emiko. Kurt got touched as well and guessed correctly. I'm thinking, "Nooo!" If you're going to make fun of me...you make my eyes water like a stinky fart or an onion! Oh yeah, Peter kept getting touched...he must've been popular with the touchers...

Alright...now for the irony...I get touched again in the final round (d*mn, why did our class get so into heads-up-seven-up?!) and I guessed it was Larry that touched me: I was wrong again. Since it was the last round, the juniors and sophomores in charge of forcing us to play let the touchers say who they touched.

It was (some names I may've forgotten):

IVAN touched DAVID
EMIKO touched ??(girl)??
??(girl)?? touched ATILLA??
EROBERTO touched ??(boy)??
BRYAN touched ??(boy)??
KURT touched ...me...

Ironic, isn't it?

w00t. By the way, don't think I totally avoid people...well...I avoid the preppies by sitting at all boys tables and talk to them. On another note, tennis is the first sport of the fall season...YAY!

Hope you're having a good time at school as well.

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Monday, June 27, 2005

   Oh, poo.
Well, my best friend took me to the salon to get my eyebrows and mustache waxed, and she did my hair...and GWAH that girl was makin me over. At least I smudged the eyeliner under my eye...I like it that way. =) I'm so evil. So basically my worst nightmare came through because for one friggin day I was hot. D*mn that day sucked.


I went to Dwight and Kyle's birthday party (my cousins) and Nona was there. She's so evol, but not as EVOL as me!


I've been bored lately. I posted a new fanart so take a look at it when you have time. I have artists' block, so some critique is encouraged. =)


I don't have much else to say...ugh. I'm a bit melancholy. I'm leaving next Saturday to Hong Kong and the Philippines. ^^; While I was away, seems like some excellent artists popped up out of no where, eh?


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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It's been a while. Guess what? I've graduated the 8th grade with these honors: Valedictorian, Science, and English

More updates later. Bwahaha. =) I'm busy; I haven't cleaned my room in half a year!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Well, I haven't posted in a while and don't be expecting many other posts until school is out...why can't it be like before...when I finished all my hw at 6:30 and could laze around 'til bed...and I got to SLEEP. Bah. It's 1:10am right now. I'm finishing off my English paper and now I have to study for my social studies test...blech. This sucks eggs.


I feel like I'm gonna fall asleeo right now, but that wouldn't be such a smart thing to do before I study...

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