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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Under Renovation


Hello and welcome to my site here in MyO!I hope you'll like the layout! Feel free to look around (you would'nt find too much for now, though). Don't forget to sign my Guest Book and if you like, add me too!haha... by the way, use the image map above to navigate...
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About Me

Birthday| Feb.28
Gender| Shoujo
Location| In my own world...
Achievements| Too many to mention
Anime Fan Since| I was 5 yrs.old
Favorite Anime| NARUTO!
Goals| To be a mangaka!
Hobbies| Drawing, surfing the 'net, playing PS2, making layouts, sleeping!
Talents| I don't know... drawing?


::Strawberry Panic[Header Image]
::rei_san(me)[Overall Layout]
:: ::that's my manga/novel at the right...pls. comment about it! I wanna know if it's even good enough... I really want it to be a MANGA, not a novel, unfortunately, I'm too tired to draw. so... ::WANTED|Someone who can convert my novel into manga! (that means someone who has the ability to draw good)
~Archives I.Prologue(still working on this)
Everything was covered in a glistening white blanket of snow. And by the shore, there stood a rock of unusual shape pointing to the cold rushing sea. Blood was scattered through the sands. A figure flashes through the snow and another kneels slowly.
A girl appears from behind the rock...
...and quickly ran to the body of the fell girl.
As she hugged the seemingly unconscious girl, she asks the other who, walks away as if nothing happened.
The girl in silver hair stopped from walking, "Don't tell her where I'm headed... I'm going." As she ended her sentence, she faded into the snow.

"Why?" "That dream,again...hm."
Aya, awakens from a dream that has been haunting her eversince. The rays of the sun brightened up her face as she opened the sliding door near her bed. But still, the memories keep filling in her mind.

A white furry hare was quietly gazing through the woods when suddenly...
"*grin* Finally, to end all this..."
A hold to the tree trunk.
"2..." A step on the grass.
"1..." The hare glimpsed to its back.
"GOOOO~!" The girl leaped high and tried to catch the tiny rabbit but just as when she was about to land and grab the creature, a rain of shurikens scared the rabbit away!
"What the f...who the hell threw those things?!"
"BWAHAHA! This is the end, Rei! We're taking you back by the orders of your beloved clan!", a voice coming from behind stated.
"Oh great! It's you guys again... when will you ever learn to give up?", answered Rei.
"Ne'er will we surrender!"
"Our hearts will stay faithful ever!"
"To the ---- Clan forever!"
"*sigh* how overacting..."
From above the trees came down a young man...
... and intentionally stepped at the angry man's face which left a marking of his wooden sandals.
he spoke to Rei: "Let's go, we don't have time for these weirdos"
"?, Kyo?, oh well..."
"Hey! You! COME BACK HERE!!!"
Rei and Kyo left the "weirdos" and proceeded to hunting the rabbit. They were finally out of the forest and what awaited them was just an empty rocky cliff.
"gah! DAMN IT! It got away!"

Meanwhile, Aya takes a walk down the mountain from the temple at the summit.
"huh? Ha! Saii!" Aya runs to Saii and greets her.
"Why did you come here? You should've headed to the meeting place already."
"I just came here to check if your guardian is guarding you"
"Well ah... haha... you know"
" 'well ah haha you know' is that all you're going to say? Didn't I tell you? DON'T TOLERATE HER ACTIONS! ha, If I were you I could've *blahblahblah*"
[Here she goes again] " huh? Hey Saii! Look! A rabbit!!!"
"Rabbit? [rabbitrabbitrabbitrabbit *plays back to her mind*] rabbit? so what? it's not cute..."
"aww... can we bring it with us?"
"Please! Pretty please!!!"
"[hmm... rabbit] ok,ok"
"hihi... thank you"
From behind , a shadow watches them as they resumed to walking...

Meanwhile (again), at the "meeting place" where the huge unusual rock was nestled in the sand...
"UHH! Look at what time it is! WHERE ARE THEY? My hair, my nails... THE HEAT! UGH! Jenn! Buy me icecream!"
Jenn was sitting on the rock.
"Whatever... just quit complaining,ok?"

Back to Rei's mission, they arrived at the very same spot where Aya and Saii were a few minutes ago.
"it's not here..."
"Bah! Let's keep searching before that rabbit decoy explodes..." Rei accidentally tripped on a rock. "F*cking piece of sh..."
Kyo gives her a beady stare. ". . ."
"piece of... stone!"
"That's better, Let's go"

It was already daybreak...
"You know Saii, Rei's not really that irresponsible. She's just tired of all the missions she do almost everyday... you know that right? Right, Saii? ...Saii?" Aya looks back.
"Sa---Saii?" Aya caught Saii hugging the rabbit they found.
"How adorable! I'll bring you home and Aya won't notice a thing... wha? *hides the rabbit* YOU SAW NOTHING!"
"haha... ok. Look we're almost here!"
"Lena! Where's Jenn?"
"ha! You can so ask me later! Where have you been? Can't you see this? *shows her hair* THIS IS THE RESULT OF TOO MUCH EXPOSURE TO THE SUN!"
"Yeah right, your hair looks like that even under a shade..."
"Saii! *hugs Saii*" Little does Jenn know that the icecream she was holding has spilled when she hugged Saii.
"Jenn! My icecream!"
"Oh here!" Jenn then figures out that the icecream spilled. "I mean, there!" Points to the spilled icecream in the sand.
Rei was walking along the shore.
"Damn it... mission failed..."
"hey Rei!" Rei approaches her friends.
"Why are you guys here?"
"Don't tell me you didn't remember!"
"What did I not remember?"
"Yesterday, you told us that we'll have a meeting here and you'll discuss a very important matter, now do you remember?"
"Wait... I said that?"
"YEAH" everyone shouted.
"I said that? hmm... *thinks deeply* HMM... Oh! right! Well, I'm glad you all came here!" "yeah like, 2 and a half hours ago."
"What's the 'important matter'?"
"Well you see..."

At the Council, Kyo and their Head is having a discussion of their own.
"We weren't able to find the Decoy..."
"So you've failed"
"When you see her, give her this..." Hands over a scroll. "Tell her that it's her penalty for failing such an easy mission and if she wont be able to accomplish what's in that scroll, she'll be fired."
". . ."

"Hm... that's it?"
"What do you mean that's it? It's been five years since she left. It's time we set out and investigate."
"And my dreams are bugging me... about Rei and Ai, the moment she left"

Aya's core glistened and alarmed everyone.
Black shadowy figures started appearing out of nowhere.
"Now this is action!"
"huh?" The rabbit that Saii was hiding started shaking in fear. When Rei saw the rabbit...
"Hey! That's the rabbit I've been looking for!"
"Oh really?"
"Yeah, it's actually a Decoy and it will explode anytime now."
"AHH! It's started to shake!!!"
As the demons begin their lunge, Lena panics in fear, and the extra guys coming in...
"BWAHAHA! Now we got you cornered! Rei!"
KABOOOOOMMM~! A large explosion was heard throughout the area...

"Ahh... so Rei found the rabbit after all...".

"*cough cough* AH! We'll get you next time! You... Rei!" the weirdos then left.
"Cough* OMG" The shore was quietened after the explosion and the demons were completely out of sight.
"Nice... that rabbit sure blew up those demons"
"Yeah... and I was about to draw out my katana..."
"well *cough* atleast we survived"

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