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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   Arsenaway COMING SOON
I will be posting my New manga Arsenawas very soon Ive already finished the first half of the chapter 1 and all I have to do is shade it in and upload it...so be expecting it in a couple days... recap on the story

"Arsenaway" is about a young girl who accidently ressurects a thought to be fabled hero named Takeru and a long with him a a menacing villan named Anatnas who's trying to pick up where he left off with his plans of dictatorship with a brand new army and the evil scorceress Ayara he seems unstoppable....But theres still hope to restore things back to the way they were with the help of Two good scorceresses Amara(Ayara's twin) and Pandora the youngest of the scoress sisters and of course the Legendary Hero himself Takeru

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