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Manga girl 1003 (05/01/07)

Nice site, I like it!

Raine puppy (08/13/06)

i love ur icon!!! lol
he is a perv....lol
though ur site reminded me of candys........odd.....mmm!

msyugioh123 (08/02/06)

love the cloro and Naruto avitar

ms. Uzumaki (07/29/06)

hi there! nice site! the viedo was awesome! I like ur wallpapers! stop by my site sometime!
take care and have a very nice day!!

NarutoHinataLOVER (07/10/06)

no gut is not a pervert.
hi, i just saw a few of yor wallpapers, they're really good, n thought dat i might check yor site out, n wow yor a brain surgeon, cool!! anyways, im gonna add u as a friend. hope u do da same^-^.

Ayame-meimei (07/09/06)

What guy isn't a pervert? lol.

Well anyway, I saw one of your wallpapers and decided to check out your portfolio and I must say I am now one of your fans^ ^ I love them! Especially iBankai. Im a very big Bleach fan! I can understand why you made a new account for the sake of your wallpapers. I really don't like some of my wallpapers I submitted too. Total failures. -.- I just wish I had something like photoshop.

Ok enough rambling! I'll add you as a friend if you don't mind. Hope you do the same.

take care!~^.^~

anime art fan (07/08/06)

okay first things first...
assholes are natural shit magnets..
*because they handle what? exaclty* not that im sayin you do im speaking with anatomy..
i should know.... on my fathers side, they are prone to being exposed to shitheads....
like one time on the road going home, we had to turn right at the next light and the lane to turn right was seperated from the other lanes with this concrete thing and we changed lanes and we were almost right there, and the dude who was in front of us in the other lane suddenly merges and almost hits our left front end.... and this ENFURIATED my father.... the dude turned right again to go to the fries and target plaza and my dad halled ass and turned in and headed him off at the front of fries and totally yelled at the dude from in the truck... god.. my dad was so mad he probably groud like a pound off the gears.....
and another occasion was when my grandma (my dds mom) were shopping at walmart and all the lanes had like 3-4 people on them and then another lane opened up and i wnt ahead with the basket to go into the lane, and this kid who was probably about 12, ran in front of me and i was thinking"could you like move please?" because i didnt know the evil that he would do...
then his whole family come andget in front of me!!!
now im not the kind of person who will cuss out a total stranger... but i was pissed.... but my grandma was even more pissed off than me, and she called the kid bad names and stuff top where he could totaly hear her, and they had so much stuff that we ended up going back into the other lane and it took twice as longer than it shouldve...now that i think about it, i shouldve said something....but im just a 14 year old kid and theyd probably think nothin of it...
damn stupid people....
like some padestrians... taking forever>_<
i like music
i try to listen to it whenever i can
thats the whole reason i got an ipod....
music is the soul
and original music is the best
from the saucy beast bass player is a quote he said on his 35th birthday
"you were all born an induvidual, dont die a copy"
and i intend not to.....

Aaryanna (07/06/06)

Hi! ^_^ I saw your comment on one of SunfallE's wallpapers and I figured I'd come and visit. ^_^ I like how you took the time to actually give suggestions! It's nice to get comments that people like what you did, but I'm sure people who are trying to learn like to get feedback as well. Since I'm just a lazy do it for fun person [and the stuff you mentioned I don't even know what it is] I don't really worry about it. ^_^ Though if something looks really weird to me I'll comment on it.

Anyway, I don't remember if I knew you or not, sorry, I tend to hang out more at OtakuBoards, espcially since I became a Moderator over there. If you are who I think you are I do remember seeing some of your wallpapers. I remember since you are one of the few who had nice abstract effects in your backgrounds.

Anyway, I'm glad you came back, especially since your backgrounds are so pretty. ^_^ Well see ya!


Indi (07/06/06)

I hear that you are back and I see you are just as loveable if not more this time around. It's been so long I've kind of forgotten what most of your wallpapers were, though I do remember that you put a lot of effort into them.

Anyway, lots of things have changed during your absence. Some good, some bad as I'm sure you will see soon enough.


EdwardElricThe2nd (07/04/06)

nihao. I like the color scheme here. bright, vibrant. very nice. well anyways would you like to become friends? well hope to here from u soon. ttyl!

Idiots do cool things.

That's why it's cool.

Fullmetal heero King knowz bestiestz. d watz rite & don't do da drug! . thanxie! n_n 

- our friend dwdl̢Thnd ♣♠♣♠

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