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Monday, October 6, 2003

Well, here we are. My first post. Ever. The last website place didn't let me post. It was weird. Anyways...I'm thinking of writing some LOTR fanfiction or maybe Cowboy Bebop. I'm still undecided. I have this problem. It's called:
If you look at my profile on fan fiction.net and read something, you can clearly see why. Same deal with fictionpress.net. Know why? It's because I spend time READING the stories for my own personal pleasure. So, if you're just some random passer-by that has some work on ff.net and wants someone to critique it for you, ask me in the guestbook or something, and I'll try to get to you. Oh, I also spend loads of time on the forums of MY FAVORITE RADIO STATION EVER, DC101!!!!!!!!! If any of you were actually crazy enough to come here. I doubt it, though. And if you know me in real life (aka not in cyber space) I'm really wondering why you came here too. But, to each his own. This is Red Tigress, aka Alex, aka Batgirl, aka Jediknightress (I have LOADS of net names) signing off. Fare thee well.

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