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Friday, March 17, 2006

Hello, all.

Hey, everyone. I know it's been awhile. i've been awfully busy with college and everything. So first off, sorry that I haven't really talked to anyone. I keep my art site updated, though, so if you're ever curious, it's located at:


Sorry, I've temporarily forgotton how to do most HTML codes, including links. Just been away that long, I suppose.

I hung out on some Stargate forums for a while, but talking about the same subject 20 times a day, every day, with Uber-obsessed geeks that would let the world explode before they changed their mind on the engine capabilities of each of Earth's hyper-space capable, Asgard-built battleships or whatever, can get really old, really fast. At least they had a LOST forum, which kept me entertained for a while, but they've stopped doing new eps of that.

In other news, I went to New York! I'll post a few pics for you from the Nintendo Store!

Those were just the coolest ones. It's an uber-expensive sotre, though. But I got a nintendo beanie, shirt, and a Samus shirt, yay!

Happy St. Patty's Day, everyone! Head on over to Dark Phoenix's page for some festive music, lol! And wear green, so you don't get pinched. Toodles!


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