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Sunday, January 15, 2006

happy...uh...MLK day.nearly.

Well, itís the day before I return to college. Although, I have had a marvelous 6 weeks of break. Mostly finishing a bunch of seasons of stuff on DVD, like CSI vol 4, Scrubs vol. 2, Alias vol 4Öyou get the idea. Iíve also been on a Redskins high for the past 6 weeks. Iím currently watching the game right now, and typing this up on my newly reaquired Lappy the Third, as I have dubbed my laptop. Anyways, the Seahawks just scored. I still hope we can pull it off, though. I have the hope. Despite the name calling from all my skeptical (and mostly New York Giants) friends. Heh, Iíve got 3 words for them. PANTHERS SHUT OUT. See whoís laughing now. Even if we loose, we put points on the board. My mum said that IF the Redskins make it to the Superbowl, she might get me a jersey. That would be faaabulous. Also, if the redskins win tonight, I get sushi later. Donít ask, itís a long story.

Iím also going to miss my doggies so much. Iíve been home nearly everyday for like, 6 weeks, so theyíve gotten used to me being back. Iíll miss them. Until I come back in two months, anyways.

I also got the first volume of the Saiyuki Double Barrel Collection, which basically means that instead of getting the 4 standard episodes for 20 bucks, I get 10. Itís pretty frickin sweet. But as far as the series goes, Iíve seen better. But Iíve seen much worse too, lol. I like it a lot. Not only is it funny, but thereís a pretty good amount of action, too. Plus the bishounen factor is a 5 out of 5.

Iíve also been watching a whole lotta Law and Order, SVU. Mostly because Stabler is probably the hottest detective Iíve ever seen. You know, other than Danny Messer on CSI:NY.

I also checked out the season premiers of Stargate SG:1 and Stargate:Atlantis. They only get better as time goes on. Donít believe me? Then WHY has Stargate SG:1 just been signed for a 10th season (making it the longest running sci-fi show ever, the record having been preiviously held by the X-Files which went for 9 seasons) AND itís on a cable network? CAUSE ITíS JUST THAT DAMN GOOD. Donít make me shoot you with my Zat gun!

Ah, Stargate. Not only action-y and sci-fi, but vaguely educational as well. At least in the first couple of seasons.

I never watched Farscape (what this picture is from), but Ben Browderís just THAT MUCH of a hottie.

Iíve just decided that one day in the near future Iím going to have a ďHail to SciFi bishounenĒ day. Itíll probably include people from Joss Whedon stuff, too, not to worry Browncoats and Buffy fans.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday, and a great week. Iím signing off for the time being.

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