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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

   Starting another week.

Hey, all. Well, itís my last week before I have to go back to school, back to school, to show my dad Iím not a fool. I finished watching my season 4 CSI, my season 2 Scrubs, and my momís Season 4 Alias. So I started to get back into the anime groove, by watching the Cowboy Bebop movie (subbed today, I usually watch it dubbed) and posting on our Anime Clubís site about a possible Manga swap. I have so much DNAngel manga and other random crap I want to get rid of. Iíll probably keep my Trigun ones, though. And of course, my Spanish Narutos I got in Spain. But I have all these volume ones of everything I need to dump, like CoralÖsomething, I canít remember, Fruits Basket, Cowboy Bebop, SDK, and pretty much everything I already have the anime for. I might keep my GTO ones, though. I only have 5, but thatís ok.

Does anyone watch Saiyuki? I bought the first manga for myself, and really liked it. Iím trying to figure out which ones to buy, though, cause thereís like, 20 different versions for sale on Amazon. I swear, itís more confusing than Digimon.

Sooooo confusingÖ

I also have a Barns and Noble gift card I wanted to use online. But Iím not sure what tv show on DVD to buy. Fireflyís only 30 bucks on there, which means Iíd only have to pay 5 dollars for it. Course, thereís also Season 5 of CSI, Season 1 of CSI:NY, and numerous anime. The anime I have on my To Buy list are all box sets (except FMA and Samurai 7 cause I already own half the series). Iím waiting for the box sets of Get Backers, Samurai Champloo (even though I already have the fansubs on my Lappy), Cowboy Bebop Remix Editions (Since theyíre only on the second volume, I might have to wait a while), Escaflowne, Azu Manga Daioh, and some kind of Saiyuki box set, provided I can ever figure out the system. Any input anyone has would be appreciated. Unless itís the kind like ďYEAH I TOTALL LUV FMA, BUY THAT IZ SO KEWL YEAH!Ē. I hate that. Iím talking about the kind of thing like, if you feel a certain DVDs really nice to look at, or it has some pretty good special features (Lemme tell you right now, Iím ALL about the blooper reels. Thatís what makes Samurai Deeper Kyo so special for me) then by all means, feel free to express yourself. Haha, thatís a cool song.

IN any case, Iím also looking forward to getting my Lappy back because I can use my iTunes again and buy all sorts of songs. My personal favorite rock song at the moment is ďTalkĒ by Coldplay. Ok, call me a sap if you want. Itís ONE Coldplay song. I also need ďTwisted TransistorĒ by Korn, and ďSuperstitiousĒ by Stevie Wonder. See? I have quite the eclectic musical tastes. Especially when it comes to 70ís Funk. Break out your roller skates, everyone!

I actually sat down and wrote a list (between the CSI commercial breaks last Thursday) of my resolutions. Some are stupid, some are good. I feel if share them, maybe someone will take some inniatiave and hold me too them. So, here we go.

1. Loose weight and get a flatter stomach. Self-explanitory.
2. Start intramural soccer team. Not only do I REALLY want to play soccer this spring, itís another way to help me with number 1.
3. Work at the summer camp I want and get certified as a lifeguard and archery teacher. The goal is two-fold. I get money, and see my old friends.
4. Develop painting and drawing skills. While Iím ok at art, I donít think Iím that great, so I want to get better.
5. Learn to use photoshop. This will help me with number 5.
6. Buy at least one full anime series. You know, to expand my collection.
7. Develop Japanese. Come on, who on this site doesnít want to do that?
8. Get at least Bs and As 2nd semester. Another self-explanitory one.
9. Put more study time in every day and study other places besides dorm. I tend to get distracted by things in my room. Whether that be a wall calendar, or my computer. I only went to the library once last semester. Itís high time I make it my best friend.
10. Exercise at least 3 times a week for at least half an hour. Not only will this help me with number 1, but I also want to build more upper body strength and stamina. For long canoing trips in the summer and the like.
11. Get all As on DDR:Mario Mix on SUPER HARD. I have mostly As on Very Hard. I need to step it up a notch now.
12. Date once in a while. HAHA, I havenít had a date since 10th grade. I think itís time I expand my horizons. Take the initiative and stuff.
13. Take a martial art-NOT Tae Bo. Yes, I actually wrote that. I might be able to get a friend to do some kung fu with me on Sunday afternoons. And if that doesnít work out, I still can go to kick boxing.

Yeah, so theyíre mostly exercise type things. Notice, Iím not writing like ďDrink ONLY slim fast and diet pillsĒ because thatís cheating yourself and a really crap way to loose weight, I think. Not to mention some of those are seriously dangerous. I actually did see parts of ďSuper Size MeĒ yesterday. And I thought it was pretty good. But seriously, if you think that a diet plan that claims you can loose weight while watching tv will work, you can just go stick your head in the shitter right now.

So thatís enough of that. I have so much crap to bring back to college. Not only clothes, but I have to stick a DDR mat in there somehow, plus multiple picture frames, comics, anime Iím planning to sell via amazon (Haha, so long, DNAngel and your stupid, pointless, girly plot lines!!) a photo printer, and numerous other random crap.

OH MY GOD, NFL WILDCARD WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!! How bout those Redskins eh? Theyíre my team. As long as weíre on defense and Sean Taylorís not spitting in other peopleís face, we do pretty good. Cincinatti, my other team (that should be obvious. For those of you who donít know, theyíre mascot is a tiger and they have striped uniforms that people say look ugly but I like them) didnít do so well. First off, I was crushed when on the second play of the ENTIRE game, the QB, Carson Palmer, took a hit to the knee (after making a 66 yard pass, I might add), tore a ligament, and was out. You could tell the rest of the Bengals were crushed as well. Their first playoff in in 15 years and on the first drive their QB (who is something like 2nd in the league in passing yards) is KOíd. CURSE YOU STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE CARSON PALMER!!!!1 YOU GUYS ARE SUCH BITCHES!!!!!!!!

The Steelers totally ruined my Sunday.

I hope you all had a better one.

Next year Begals, weíll get em next year.

In the meantimeÖ

Go Skins! Beat Seattle! GRRRR!


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