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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

   DDR Arrows are running through my head, running through my head...

Well, itís been a while. But I think a long hiatus during finals and the holiday season is good for everyone. So letís get straight too it.

Iíve seen a multiple movies over the break including Narnia, King Kong, Fun With Dick and Jane, and Munich. Feel free to offer your own opinion on any of these movies right now. Personally, I liked King Kong the best. I found Dick and Jane to be a mild comedy. Good for a laugh, but not a Jim Carrey Classic. Munich wasÖinteresting, but uber-depressing, and lotsa diplomatic stuff. I thought the actual hostage situation was gonna be the whole movie, but it was about the Israeli (sorry, I canít spell ethnicities) assassins, who werenít really assassins but more guys plucked off the street to do their jobs (thatís not derogatory, I just meant it in a way that they werenít trained as field operatives). It was good, but it was a bit heavy for me. Next on my movie checklist is The Producers. Thatís about all I want to see. None of this Bloodrayne, or Grandmaís Boy, or The Ringer. No thanks.

Letís seeÖanime news? Absolutely none. I havenít watched any anime since Iíve been home, nor bought any. I almost bought a SamCham shirt at Hot Topic though. But thatís seriously about it.

On to Christmas loot. First and foremost, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Or Haunnaka (like I said, Iím so bad with ethnic spellings. It doesnít help that Hannauka has like 6 spellings, either.) Or Kwanzaa. Or Festivus. Or Dec. 25th. Whatever. On to my loot list:

CSI:Season 4 on DVD-Yay, I finally got my favorite show on DVD! At least one season, anyway.
Scrubs Volume 2 on DVD- God this is such a funny show. And has very sentimental lessons to boot. Plus since the eps are only 20 minutes long as opposed to CSI, I can get through them fast.
A Fluffy GAP Bathrobe-What can I say? I may seem hard and edgy at times, but this tigress does like her fluffy things. Occasionally. And can you guess what color it is?
Matching GAP Fluffy Slippers-I always need slippers.
A Book-That I wanted.
A Landon Donavan official US Soccer Team Jersey-My mom claimed to have funded the entire national team with this.
A Calendar- That I didnít want, so I went out and bought myself THREE new calendars at half price. Not to mention that I still have a huge Bleach one at my dorm from the convention I went to.
Soundtracks-More precisely, Kill Bill 2, Kingdom of Heaven, and The Last Samurai. I havenít listened to the KoH one yet, but the LS one kicks ass (once again, props to Japanese people) as does the KB2 one (I LOVE good Spanish music. Key word: Good.)
Numerous Giftcards-Props to the relatives.
Super Mario Strikers- Marioís first soccer game ever, and man, is it a DOOZIE. I LOVE it. The only problem I have with it is that Peach and Daisy are like, total valley girls and do this talk to the hand thing, and itís totally lame. But itís an excellent soccer game, not to mention has all those special Mario power-ups like bombs and shells, and banana peels. I love it. My favorite Mario Sports game EVER. Course, I think itís the only one Iíve playedÖunless you count MarioKart, or some version of Mario Tennis I played back on N64.
DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION:MARIO MIX: Iím FINALLY good at DDR, thanks to Mario! I love this game. The only downside is you have to go through all these Story Modes to open the levels, and that 80% of the songs are versions of Mario Songs. But the Bowserís Castle song from MK:DD is uber-hard. Iíve graduated Very Hard and am moving on to Super Hard tomorrow. Except for Bowserís Castle, thatís still really hard, no matter what difficulty level. And they also donít sell GCN: DDR mats by themselves, so I have to switch off with people when I have friends over. Ah well, itís still fun. And Iím ready to challenge my DDR:Obsessed buddy (once I actually come into contact with him, heís dropped off the face of the earth again) in the next DDR arcade we go to.

I seriously dream about DDR arrows now. No joke.

This soccer game kicks all FIFA soccer games TO THE CURB!!!

New Yearís Eve was good. I had a few people over to DDR and play Cranium, drink Sparkling Cider and watch Dick ďOldĒ Clark. I just have to say, I LOVE sparkling cider. Last night I opened up a bottle and drank the whole thing in 15 minutes by myself. I was really bloaty aftwerwards, but I was willing to risk it because a) It was 11 PM at night and everyone in my house is sleeping at that time and b)I love the stuff. So I downed that stuff and finished watching my CSI DVDs. Now I have to watch my momís season 4 ALIAS DVDs this week, cause I have nothing to do. Why, you ask? Or maybe you ask ďWhy donít you drive to the mall, Red?Ē

Haha, well folks, because this is the reason. I have epilepsy (for those of you who donít know, it means I have a lot of seizures, like Japanese kids watching Pokemon) and they decided to start weaning me off my meds this week. So the result of that is, Iím not allowed to drive anywhere. I have to call random friends to bring me places. Makes me feel stupid. However, I might sneak off to Starbucks by myself one of these mornings. Maybe the morning that Ellen has the girl from CSI:NY onÖGOD I love that show. I should by that on DVDÖjust another one to add to the list. In any case, it blows. But such is life.

Ok, I've had a few over the past month. One of the more prominent ones was where I was actually a CSI (yes, from the show) and I couldn't take my college finals because I had to do overtime to solve a murder. I woke up later and figured out I had already taken my finals. There was another one where I dreamed I had gone back to college without my ID, and I had to get my roomate to drop a rope from our window so I could get in. Those are the only ones I remember off the top of my head.

Ok, Iím about to sign off for the day, but now that Iím around with NOTHING to do (oh wait, haha, thatís been my life for the past 3 weeks!) Expect me to update a little more often. When Iím not glued to my monitor looking for fanfics, that is. Thanks again to everyone who sent me things for X-mas! They are all much appreciated and/or digested. Have a great week everyone! Oh, and remember, all new primetime shows have new episodes this week! Well, actually, I donít know if LOST doesÖbut all the CSIs and Stargates do, so IíM THERE, BABY! Toodles!


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