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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Well, I don't exactly have an excuse for not updating in a while. I got back home on the 9th from school, after finals ended. I found out yesterday, I got a C in math, Bs in art, spanish and public speaking, and an A in mythology. Thank god for mythology. I think it also helped i went to all the extra credit showings of Rome (the show from HBO, tis quite good, SomeGuy will tell you so), and hung out with the prof. at all his office hours.

Next semester I'm taking some regular history and English, 3-D art, more Spanish, and sociology. Whoop de doo. The nice thing is, I don't have classes at 7 at night anymore, like with my public speaking class. I kept missing CSI and stuff. Speaking of CSI, I watched CSI:Miami for the first time last night (hehe, Daniel Jackson from Stargate:SG-1 was on, haha) and how come that main character blonde dude (Horatio, I guess his name is) NEVER looks at anyone? When he wants to talk to someone, he just kinda, sneaks up behind them, looks at the sidewalk and starts talking. WHAT is his deal? Yeah, I still hate CSI:Miami and love the orginial CSI and CSI:NY. I also watched some episodes of Law and Order, SVU for the first time (There was a marathon on USA and I was uber-bored). That show's boring, but I like that dude, Elliot. Pretty good lookin for a bald guy.

I'm basically just looking for shows to fill the gap until new episodes of LOST and Stargate come back.

Where are you lookin, bub? Another thing that freaks me out about him is how deep his voice is. It's unnatural for a guy that looks like him. And that girl, how soft her voice is! Does she have strep or something? Yeah, the other CSIs from the other show could kick all their Southern asses in about 20 seconds. Sorry, my Floridian friends.

I'm also rewatching all my Lord of the Rings Extended Editions with and without cast commentary. Since I got an Extended Edition for X-mas like, every year except last year, it's only natural to keep the tradition alive. Tig. Tog.

Also in the time I've been home, I've seen Narnia twice, King Kong once, and a whole lot of trailers. Which brings me to my next segment:

(I'll make a banner for that at some point in time)
1. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2: Now don't get me wrong, I love me some pirates, especially hot ones like Orly and Johnny, but...does this actually have a plot? I mean, come on, they're rolling around in a GIANT BALL OF TWEED, for god's sakes! Maybe it's just cause it's a teaser, but it makes NO sense to me. And the dude with the shark head? It's like Street Sharks all over again.

2. MIAMI VICE: Ugh, Colin Ferrel, I'm gonna puke. This trailer had NO hint of a plot whatsoever. It was just people riding around on speed boats to the tune of that Linkin Park-Jay Z song. If I was the Park, I wouldn't have let them used my song with that trailer. Because now people will associate with f*cking suckiness. MAJOR turn-off.
3. THE DAVINCI CODE: Now, this looks like a great movie. The only thing I can complain about...WHAT is with Tom Hanks' mullet thing? Ooohhhh man, that's GOTTA go.
4. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3: I love me some J.J.Abrahms (creator/director of LOST and Alias, who also directed this movie), but...did anyone else glean some sort of a story line out of this movie? Cause I sure didn't. Perhaps though, the fact that it's a teaser trailer, and they just needed something with explosions and the like. Hopefully, it will kick MI:2's ass right off the radar, though.
5.CURIOUS GEORGE: Everybody loves monkeys!!! Right? RIGHT?

Ok, well, if you got through all that ranting, I salute you.

I don't feel like talking about my personal problems today. But it's still early enough for me to go watch Ellen, like a middle-aged housewife, but I think I'll do it anyways. Hope everyone has a great day!


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