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Thursday, November 24, 2005

wOOt, I love thanksgivin!
First off, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I don't have any lame turkey jokes except...

"Gooble-dee-goo and gobble-dee gickle...I wish that turkey only cost a nickle!"

Haha, it's the Adam Sandler Thanksgiving song. Also, I heard the Destiny's Child "Stuffin', stuffin" knock off.

In any case...I mostly watched tv today, after I visited my high school. I saw my Spanish and art teachers which was nice. ANd I went to starbucks 3 times in about 7 hours. I missed it THAT much. 2 gingerbread lattes and a peppermint mocha later, I was hyper. I also picked up vol. 2 and 3 of Legal Drug by CLAMP...woo hoo, some major yaoi parties goin on in that manga, lemme tell ya.

Let's see, I also watched LOST. I thought Anna Lucia was a jackass, and the whole episode just went by reeeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy slowly. But yay, Michael was reunited with Vincent, the dog! Hooray! I love that damn dog. It's cause he looks exactly like my dogs!!

OH! And all this week, SciFi channel has been showing episodes of FIREFLY!!!!!! WOO! So I can FINALLY get to see it! Let's see, I've seen the one where River becomes the ship when that bounty hunter hops on board, where the captain and the pilot are tortured, and when their dead friend comes back to life. YAY! A few more episodes of this and I can call myself a Browncoat maybe? I dunno. We'll see. COurse, I also have to get Serenity...


This show is so hot. Er, I mean good. The guys are all hot, though!! And they have Pirate Steve! Yay! Did you also know he was Sonny the Robot in "I, Robot"? God, I love Internet Movie Database. But I was too busy looking at Will Smith's pecs to notice or care.

OH RIGHT. Also saw Harry Potter yesterday. BEST HP MOVIE EVER. Arguably. Just...GO SEE IT, you'll see what I mean.

Hehe, I went to Target today, and got a singing abominable snowman stocking from that claymation rudolph movie!

Hahaha, that's the guy, right there! Anyways, the stocking roars, and then sings "Have a holly, jolly Christmas! It's the best time of the year..." It's for my dorm. I also got some really loud bells for the door, and X-mas lights, yay!

Then, to top off my wonderous evening, I watched Revenge of the Sith for the first time since it came out on DVD and laughed, and rememberd how much I HATE George Lucas as a dialogue writer. "You're breaking my heart, Ani!" GOD, *SPUTTER, CHOCKE, DIE*

Oh yeah, and IT SNOWED!

So in any case, hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and that they can share it with loved ones. In the meantime, it's that time of year again for...

Red's B-day countdown: 5 Days

Not that I'm counting or anything.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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