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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Potato chips are my BANE!

Howdy everyone. Well, it's offcial. My roomate is offcially hooked on Fullmetal Alchemist. We'll probably by the 6th volume this weekend and watch it together, yay! Next up, I think I'll show her Princess Mononoke or The Cowboy Bebop movie. I think everything else I own is too advanced for her. When I say everything else I own, I mean Peacemaker, Samurai 7, and GTO.

Ooh, we're having another anime marathon this weekend, yay! All I know is we're watching Get Backers. We also might watch some kinda anime paraody where the kid bakes Japanese Bread??? I heard it's funny, and if we don't watch it in the marathon, I know someone who'll let me borrow it.

I'm also trying to watch E's Otherwise. It's, uh, weird. It's a bit like Scryed, I guess, but I can't tell you for sure cause I've only seen about 3 episodes of Scryed. Course, I've only seen about 3 episodes of E'Otherwise, too. There's a dude that looks like a blonde Heero. I thought he was a chick for the longest time. His name is Chinese, I think. It's like Shenlong...he's the only name I can remember, I can't remember anyone else's.

He's that blonde dude in the back looking to the left. Doesn't that look like a chick to you? Well, in any case, I like their uniforms. They're like the ones from FMA, but shorter so they can FLY! Because flying Bishounen are always a good plan in my book!

Speaking of FMA, I'm getting really hooked on the manga. It's different enough from the anime I enjoy it as its own story line and I really like it. I've only read 4 volumes, but whatever.

I just find it so kawaii!!!

*sigh* I know I've been really lax with the segments as of late. But it's because I update at one in the morning, and I can't think of anything to say at this time.

Except that potato chips are my bane.

Hope everyone has a great wednesday, I know I will! We finish Escaflowne in anime club and then there's a new episode of LOST, yay!!!!!!!!!! My favorite prime time show in addition to CSI!


Anyways, I know it's the middle of the week, but try to make it great anyways! ^_^


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