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Thursday, November 10, 2005

   Hey all!

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the con pics! I'm finalyl coming down off my high. In the meantime, if you're still in the mood for pictures (not photos) I have two new fan art submissions up. The Bleach one might not be up yet by the time you read this, but the Naruto one is. They're on Deviant too, for all you people that don't like looking at fan art on mO, though I don't really see any difference...I dunno, some people are just sensitive about that.

In the meantime, it's been sooooo nice down here. Like, 70 and breezy. We had our mythology class outside today and we acted out scenes from the Odyssy. Since there was only one boy in my group, we made him the evil witch Circe, and I got to be Odysseus! My venus fly trap was my magical plant, and I made a duck tape sword. And then I got to sleep with Circe. Haha, not really. But it was in the script.

You might remember Circe from that Justice League episode where whe turned Wonder Woman into a pig and then made Batman sing.

In other news my roomate broke my Gamecube. Pulled it accidently off the dresser where it took a 7 foot plunge to a non-responsive surface. So now we're looking in on repairs. Luckily, she's agreed to pay for it. Which is good, cause it'd cost up to 50 bucks.

We're almost done with Escaflowne. We got to that one episode today where the evil dude and the cat girl re-enacts Allen and Hitomi falling in love and kissing, and then THEY ACTUALLY DO!!! What craziness is THAT?!?!?! I kept making fun of the old dude with the giant telescope saying he liked to spy through people's windows and wanted to see them take off their clothes, the old perv. So when Hitomi and Allen actually did kiss, I imitated to old dude going "Whee-hee! Now take off your clothes!"

"My, what large noses we have!"

I also read Legal Drug, vol. 1. SOooooo good, and the guys are all hot...for eachother! haha, anyways, me likey mucho, and I want to see if I can get a ride to the bookstore this weekend and maybe buy the second one.

Oh ho ho, bishounen, how you make my day.

Haha, a little earlier, my roomate asks me "Have you ever heard of a thing called Fullmetal Alchemist?" And I snorted and went, "UH, YEAH! THAT'S THE GODDAMN POSTER I PUT ON OUR WINDOW! I WON HALF THE SERIES!" And she's like "Oh! Cause our English teacher made us watch it and said we can watch the rest for extra credit!" "And I'm like "Your...english...teacher? FUCK YEAH, LET'S WATCH IT NOW! SUBBED, BIOTCH!" I didn't actually say that though. And plus someone has my first volume. But hey, I smell another anime convert on the way, hehe!

That's all from here, I shall check in later! Toodles everyone!


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