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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

   Happy November!!
November's my B-day month, that's why I'm excited. Plus I finally get to take down my cobwebs and change my wall calendar, lol.

So anyways, couple funny things to tell you today. The first is today(meaning in reality yesterday) was the first day of our anime club bake sale! Um yeah, we made like no profit. The ARMY was set up across from us, and when they got there, I said loudly "Oh great, now we have the ARMY to contend with." and the army dude replied "I'll buy a donut if you join the army." And I was like "Uh...no...I like...staying....here...and all...and not...going to...desert...type-places..." And then on or left, a guy was asking everyone who passed by "Do you have a minute to talk about world hunger?" and then I'd shout at them "Do you have a minute to talk about YOUR hunger?!?!" and I think the guy resented me for that. I'd also shout "Fooooooood......" at everyone, like a zombie, or "OUR CANDY BARS ARE CHEAPER THAN THE VENDING MACHINES!!!" I work again on Wednesday, hopefully it goes better.

When I got to class, my professor looked at me and was like "YOU have a sick mind!" In a joking way of course. And I was like "Oh god, what did I do!??!" and he was like "do you remember what you wrote on your quiz?" The quiz was 'What did the Oracle say to Oedipus', and apparently, I had written:

"The Oracle told Oedipus he was going to kill his mother and marry his father."

But the prof knew I didn't mean to write that, and I got full credit anyway, but it gave him a good laugh.

We also had a huge halloween dinner in the messhall place, with shrimp, crabs, candy apples, cider, the works. It was great. I stole lots of special cake and candy apples cause my dorm is a 10 second walk (no exaggeration, I've timed it) from the place. Then I convinced a bunch of people in my hall Blade was the best vampire movie anyone around had (and we had already exhausted our zombie resources, i.e. Shaun of the Dead, the night before), so I introduced a bunch of people to the Blade franchise, in which they remarked "My, what chisled abs Wesley has!"

After that, I was doing my art home work, minding my own buisness, and the fire alarm goes off AGAIN. I poke my head into the hall and lo and behold, smoke has filled up our whole hall. But it wasn't that something was on fire, oh no.

It was my friend's stupid fiance's fucking fog machine.

Apparently, my friend and this other guy turned it on, and it filled up the room so fast, they couldn't see anything to turn it off. As soon as the alarm went off they ran like the wind. Basically our whol hallway stuck our heads out of the doors, while one of the RA's ran down the hall and leaned in the open, smoggy, doorframe and screamed "WHO'S ROOM IS THIS?!?!" We're all like, "Uhhhhhhhh..." you know, kinda dumbstruck. Then this other dude runs down the hall and is screaming "GET OUT! THAT'S THE ALARM! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!" I think he thought something actually was on fire, but he jolted us out of it, and we all ran too. Anyways, I really dont like my friend's fiance, and I like him even less after this whole incident.Luckily it was a warm night.

Oh, for those of you who are curious, this is a pic of my in my unfinished Temari outfit:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I spent an hour making this chest armor that kept breaking and didn't conform to my boobs very well, so I gave up. I'm most proud of the fishnets. I'm not proud that I'm missing a fan. Oh, and I'm also very proud of the forehead (or in my case neck) protector, complimets of the mO's very own Some Guy.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Today's Topic: Pets

Most colleges only allow fish. Which are really well, good, and totally boring. I have a friend that managed to sneak in a hermit crab which is lots of fun. His name is Caboose, after the really stupid blue guy from Red Vs. Blue for anyone else who watches that. It's fun cause you can race him, and put him on your face and stuff. can't do that with a fish, no-siree. I would NOT reccomend trying to sneak in anything bigger than that, unless your college allows it (some allow like, turtles and stuff). Our suitemates decided to sneak in a dog the size of a basketball the other day, and it was a nightmare. first off, the damn thing monopolized our bathroom for like, 4 hours, and whined alot. It was a disaster. So people, be respectful to your roomates/suitmates, and do NOT bring in animals that require more care than a hermit crab.

That's all from here, hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!


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