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Monday, October 31, 2005

I hope everyone's day is going awesome! Basically at our school we celebrated Halloween last night. Our hall was awesome, we did "Haunted Forest". We covered all the lights with black paper, and had "vines" hanging from the cielings. We also got a storbe light and bloody people sat in front of it and when people walked by, they'd whisper "help, please help us..." it was so creepy. We also had a "coffin" made out of a couch that some devil girls sat in and gave out candy. It was really cool.

Except I was supposed to be at a practice cosplay party, but only two other people showed up, so we talked about cons for 20 minutes and left. Oh well.

I spent like an hour making a Temari chest armor out of cardboard, staples, stretchy cloth, string, duck tape, rubber cement, but it kept breaking and it didn't conform to my, uh...form very well, so I just ended up wearing a white tank top over my purple shirt. the thing I like best are the fishnets, they're totally cool, and I went to great lengths to get them on the right legs.

I saw Shaun of the Dead today, which was frekain hilarious. Gotta love those British.

Uh oh, it's time once again for...


So anyway, since I've been thinkin about cosplay so often, I guess it's been on my subconcious, too. So in my dream, I was in totally awesome Temari clothes, but then everyone EXPECTED me to be a Temari, and there was also people there cosplaying Gaara, and other evil dudes, I can't remember who else exactly. Anyways, "there" was actually in my college football stadium (which is weird, cause I haven't been in it yet), and the whole place was set up to look like the set from MXC. That's right, when cosplayers meet Most Extreme Elimination Challange, or whatever they call it. So anyways, the first activity involved running around the track, and jumping on some raft in the middle. I lost, cause I only ran around once instead of twice. The second one involved us being about 80 feet in the air, and having to jump onto this floating styrafoam raft below us. It was funny because "Battlecry" from Samurai Champloo actually started playing in my mind. Of course, it was kinda scary, too. I had to go last since I lost the first game. But there were ugly MXC masked people pushing us off the platform. In order not to get pushed, I had to jump to early, and landed on the guy in front of me on the raft. We all went up for a second try, and right before I was about to jump off...

My non-dreamed head hit the non-dremed baseboards of my bed. And oh fuck, it hurt. So I got up and showered.

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Today's Topic: Loud Music

With today's music variety, it is very possible you and your roomate will have totally different tastes. For example, I like System of a Down, My Chemical Romance, Yellowcard, etc. My roomate likes Usher, 50 Cent, Mariah Carrey, and those rap-type people. And Garth Brooks, which is even worse. We usally play both our music really loud at the same time, or one of us converts to headphones. Now, headphones is not bad, but the real trick is to play your music really loud when he/she's not there so there might be a chance of her/him coming in and going "This isn't so bad". This actually worked with anime music I played and another girl in my hall. But she heard me play Lifehouse and really liked that, so now she plays that alot. Of course, uh, her musical stylings don't really rub off on me, lol. There's also another girl in my hall who likes rock, but she preferes Guns N' Roses and Bon Jovi and like, 80's era, where I prefer 90's grunge, like Pearl Jam, and Nirvana. Basically, the only thing you can do is hope to god you get a roomate with the same musical tastes you do, or find someone n your hall who does and hang out with them. Me and GNR girl trade mix cds, it's cool.

Well, I hope everyone has a great halloween. I'll probably be forced to watch scary movies by my roomate. I might try and shove some Blade movie down her throat at some point though. Toodles, everyone!


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