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Saturday, October 29, 2005

   Saturday doth begin...
I had a good friday. Got all my laundry done, got 100 on a mythology quiz and took another one I'm pretty sure I got 100 on, hung out for some book talking in my myth professor's office hours at the coffee place with the usual crowd that hangs there. Today we gave ourselves all x-men names, so our professor is Cyclops, one pretty hairy dude is Beast, I'm Shadowcat, the other girl is Mystique, and the Southern gentlemen guy is Gambit. All in all pretty fitting. And then later to top it off, me and a few of my friends (different ones this time) watched X-Men 2. Wow, that's a great movie. I'm soooooo pissed Bryan Singer's not directing the 3rd one. For those of you who don't know, he directed the first two, and was going to direct the 3rd one, but then he heard this bad director was directing the Superman Returns movie, so he gave it up to direct that instead. Meanwhile, the director who they didn't want directing the superman movie signed on to direct X-Men 3! Doncha just hate irony?

In any case, these same friends and I stayed up for 3 hours playing this awesome board game called Apples to Apples. You basically put down a card with an adjective, and all the other players have 7 cards with nouns or famous people that they choose one card from to put down to what they think the "judge" will like most. It's so fun.

Now I'm back in my room with my roomie and her Pet Rock boyfriend (all he does is sleep, that's why we all call him that) trying to type quietly, hehe.

I also went with my RA today (if college was summer camp, she'd be like, the counselor of the hall)to pick up some halloween supplies. Mostly cobwebs and things. I convinced her to buy some fake rats for the hall, hehe. All in all, a pretty uneventful yet satisfying Friday.

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Today's Topic: Transportation

Even though on our campus freshmen are allowed to have cars, most of us don't. This is why it is VERY important in your first month of school, to make very good friends with someone who does. Even though the grocery store is only a block away, it's such a pain in the ass to carry a 12 pack of soda back to school. If a car is not in order, I'd suggest a bike. Getting to ride a bike when you've been walking 98% of the time is FABULOUS! Remember in the first Pokemon games when you got that Bike Voucher and could FINALLY ride that bike, and it felt so fast, and there was that happy music? That's EXACTLY what it feels like to ride a bike at college when you mostly walk, no exaggeration. It's so worth it. If you can skateboard, longboards are also very popular. For those that don't know, these look like a cross between mini surfboards and skateboards, because they're really long, but with wheels. It's primarily for distance purposes. Do NOT purchase a scooter, whatever you do. Sure, Owen Wilson may have looked cool in Zoolander with one, but at college, one does NOT. I also would not reccomend skates.

I hope you learned alot in today's lesson!

Everyone, go out there and make the most of your saturday, you've earned it! Ja ne!


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