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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Round here...
Just listening to Counting Crows, while my roomie's NAVY buddies talk about their drinking prowress. *sigh*. They're really stupid. Not just stupid like "That's a stupid thing to do," which it is, but when I talk to them I feel like I'm talking to 10 year olds. No joke.

In any case, my printer was being a bastard today, so I hit it alot, and pulled paper out of it, and basically I just wanted to take a baseball bat to it like in Office Space. But I finally got it working.

Today we talked about decorations for our hallway for halloween. We decided on "Haunted Forest", so basically we're gonna make a bunch of paper trees, have some people dress up as trees, stay still, and randomly grab kids as they walk by. We also are going to put a strobelight in the laundry room, and have bloody people smash themselves against the windows as people walk by. We also might have some fake limbs sticking out of the washing machine. Don't worry, as always, I'll take lots of pics. I haven't decided if I'm gonna dress up as a tree.Propbably not, because also that day, the anime club is having a cosplay workshop thing, so I'll be wearing my Temari suit anyways. I told someone today I was basically a ninja in fishnet tights, and they were like "WHAAAA?" Haha. In any case, this weekend should be alot of fun. Except for studying for math. However, my study buddy and I will be studying as we watch the Skins/Giants game (I'm a Redskins fan, he's a Giants fan), so it'll be cool. There's also lotsa free food and parties around campus, but there's also ones you have to pay for. Kinda lame.

Oh man, I was gonna tell you all something, but I forgot what it was...

Oh, I think I'll start a new segment called "Red Goes to College". The first segment was the dorm pics. I had to take those down cause they took too long to load. So, uh, here it is...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Today's Topic: Smokers and Gays

I like to tell all my underclassmen friends that in order to fit in at college, you have to smoke, or be gay, and that they should start early. Haha, well, not really. But there is a high percentage of smokers at least in my school, and as for gays, I've never had so many gay friends in my life, and it's wonderful. They add a new perspective on things. I have one friend that it's a little obvious he's gay, and so one day, his roomate finally asked him "Uh, are you gay?" just to get it out there, and he said "What if I was bisexual?!?" But no, seriously, I have loads of great friends here. On the other hand, I'm not really friends with the smokers. They like the sit right in front of the doors to every building, wafting their death smog around, and then smelling up my room when they come in (my roomie's friends with a few). I keep a constant supply of Fabreeze to throughly soak my fabrics in every day. So just a piece of advice, kiddies, in college you can never have enough Fabreeze.

I dunno if that actually had a point or not. Um, but it's just a trial run, so we'll see how it goes.

Other than that, nothing really to report here, except that it's DAMN COLD. Hope everyone has a great Thursday. Ooh, I wonder if new CSI episodes are on, those guys are HOT!!


Ok, the fire alarm just went off for the 3rd time in 20 minutes, so I think I'll call it a night. Toodles!


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