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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

   Bet you never suspected I'd be back, eh?
I guess I just missed writing about my life to much. Between that and the fact I'm too lazy to start a blog on My Space, and they don't have blog options on Facebook, I'm gonna be chillen here.

So yeah, I've been at college for a couple months now. It's pretty cool. I'm in a mythology course, which I like alot, some shitty math course, an art class where my teacher is a whacko (there's a running joke in the class that she's been sniffing too much rubber cemement), a 300-level spanish course where we watch Spanish movies then do like oral presentaitons on them, and public speaking ( I have to do a speech in two days and still have no idea what to talk about; it's a persuasive speech, and I only want to use abortion or gay rights as a last resort).

The thing I miss most about home is my dogs, and my mom paying for all my food. Not that I'm not on a meal plan here, it's just that it, well, sucks. Luckily there's a Chik-Fil-A, or this cat'd be dead.

I'm also in the anime club. I'm an active member, I'd like to say. I got a bunch of people interested in GTO. We watched NOIR (which, uh, I hated, sorry NOIR fans) and we started Escaflowne last week which is much, much cooler. I've even found loads of closet anime fans in my hall, so I've ended up burning cds for all of them, including stuff from SamCham, Naruto, Bleach, NOIR (despite the lameness of the anime, the music still kicks ass), Cowboy Bebop, and many others.

Other than that, my room has been dubbed, "The Ice Fortress", because it's so Effin cold in here. It's also been rainy and cold the past two days, so I'm spending even more time in it than usual.

Hope everyone missed me while I was gone and grew to appreciate my humor (haha, just kidding). Uh, I guess I'll start movie quotes back up sometime later this week after I make some banners or find my old ones. They should be on photobucket somewhere...

Hope everyone faired well while I was gone! I'll be making more updates to my site throughout the week, so look for the perpetual coolness! Ja ne!


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