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Sunday, August 7, 2005

   Good evening, Internet!
Wow, it's probably the first time I've updated in aboot 5 weeks. There's a reason for that...yeah, it's called "work". If you can call work a seriously underpaid and soul-trying hellhole.

Know what I'm talkin about?

Seriously, you think you have a tough job (and I know some of you really do, so I'm sorry about the following ga-zillion words of rant)? Ok, try babysitting 36 9 year-olds for 4 weeks, only they never go home. I mean, the first night of one of the sessions, one girl kept crying because her stomach hurt (she was really homesick) and I had to drag her ass down a mountain to the infirmary 3 times between 9:30 and 10:45. AND THEN the girl who slept on the bunk above me KEPT ROLLING AROUND (you have NO idea how much these fucking things shake) and went to the bathroom (slamming the door each way in and out) FIVE TIMES between 10:15 and 10:45. WHAT THE HELL? ARGGHH! AND THEN THEY STARTED SLAPPING FIGHTS BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T SHARE A DAMN MAGAZINE FOR 10-YEAR OLDS!!!!!! And then one was REALLY whiny and complained all the time, and one tried to tell others what to do, and one was really loud and obnoxious, and drove some other girl to tears over squashing a spider. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! AND THEN they'd always ask me why I never laughed or smiled (oh, let's see, IT'S CAUSE I FUCKING HATED THEM) and when I did laugh at a counselor's joke they'd scream "SHE SMILED! SHE SMILED! TAKE A PICTURE!!" What IS it with kids and picture-taking obsessions!?!?!?! Luckily no one in my cabin wet the bed or threw up alot, thank god for that. There was another kid in a different cabin who had to wear a diaper at night.

Luckily Duo's letters kept me sane, thanks for that, Duo!

I also read to Harry Potter books (how insane was Half-Blood Prince?!), and Ellen DeGenerous book (one of the fucking funniest things I've ever read), and read a 1009-page George R.R. Martin fantasy book in 11 days. My greatest accomplishment in literature to date, well, besides getting through The Metamorphasis without laughing out loud.

I also took the time to purchase an "Otaku" shirt on my day off. It's black with "Otaku" spray painted in yellow and then under it says otaku in Japanese, I spose. I'm not positive because I can't read Japanese. Adding to that, I also bought Constantine (had to watch it 3 times, and I still don't fully understand it), and bought My Chemical Romance's "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" cd. It's fantastic. Especially the songs "Helena" and "You Know What they do to Guys Like Us in Prison". Oh, and I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My thoughts on that were the Oompa Loompa songs were better, and it had a more satisfying ending, I thought, but I love Tim Burton too. Doesn't mean I still don't like the original, though.

Now that I'm back, I'm stocking up for college. Ack, Red Tigress:College Student, who woulda thunk? I began hanging on MyO in 10th grade. Anyways, I'm taking contemporary mathmatics (easy if you've already studied precalculus, I suspect), Basic Design (for art), Mythology and It's Influence in the classical studies dept, and public speaking. Oh, and on a placement test I took back in June I scored 12 credits, so I'm goin right into a 300-level Spanish course called "Spanish Cinema" where we just watch movies in Spanish.

"Viva El Zorro!!"

haha. I figured I'd been typing too long without a picture.

My mom's been buying me lots of crap for college too, including:

-Numerous pillows
-Fugly clothes ("You can't wear your weird little Zelda t-shirts the entire time!!")
-Shoes that look like loafers (I convinced her to buy me some tevas and soccer cletes today)
-Storage items
-Lots of soap
-Exercise "outfits" ("You'll look so GOOD at the gym!")
-A new soccer ball, shinguards, and goalie gloves to match my new cletes (and they're ALL red, heh heh heh)
-A cool clock radio that doubles as an iPod player and charger

I also bought for myself today:
-Ultimate X-Men Volume 7 (it's got Spidey AND Daredevil!!)
-The Ultimate Survival Guide: College
-FMA Volume 2
-Peacemaker Kurogane Vol. 6

I have so much Bleach and Naruto to catch up on though. I dread downloading all that and figuring out where I last left out.

I also suggest a Green Tea Frapp from Star Bucks to EVERYONE!!

I had one of these babies today, and it was like drinking Green Tea Ice Cream, it TOTALLY rocked my socks! If you're on a diet, get it no whip, like I did.

That's all for now, I'm typed out. Hope you guys still love me, even though I dodn't really visit any more, and my GB has 46 more entries then when I left.

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