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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Yes, I've FINALLY graduated from High School! With an advanced diploma! Da da dummm! I took a break from going online for like, a week, which is why many of you haven't seen me around. Also, my all-night grad party was tuesday night, which rocked, cept the only thing I won was some lame-ass coupon to a taco place I've never heard of, so I gave it to my bro. I got a new digital camera and printer for graduation, so you guys can expect to see alot more pictures in the future. I also got a huge Ultimate Spidey Collection. I mean, this thing is HUGE and contains like, 8 volumes. But the grad party rocked. I mean, swimming, gambling (The Tigress ROCKS at Blackjack, haha), laser tag inside of a giant, inflatable spaceship, rock walls, DDR (of which the Tigress SUCKS at) and a whole lot of other stuff.

Other things I've done...saw Star Wars AGAIN, but to tell the truth, after being visited my my wise-ass, singing, star-wars quoting 24/7, 8 year old cuz, I'm kinda not in the mood for it anymore. I did see Batman Begins, so I've reverted to a comic phase. Picked up some Batman graphic novels, including one called "Wargames" cause mainly it had Batman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Nightwing, Robin, AND Spoiler, who might be a ditz, but she has a WAY cool costume.


I also got the Batman Begins soundtrack. I have no idea what any of the titles are, but the soundtrack ROCKS.

So anyways, I'll continue with the virtual room tour tomorrow. I know I still have to put up prom pics, and now grad pics too, I haven't forgotten.

Till then, Peace out, cub scouts.

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